Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tired this morning

7/18/06 Tuesday
I checked Cherie’s car this morning but couldn’t smell any gas. Because it rained last night it was not possible to see a puddle in case gas was leaking out. I told Cherie that I thought it would be ok for her to drive it to work.

Not sure how this day will turn out. There is lots to do. Last night I hit one of those high cognizance levels where I was a sharp as I used to be. This morning I am running about a seven on the Bob scale. Tired because I was up late.

Yeah I’m tired. Just went online to check my blog and post this mornings entry. Forgot to post it. I think I will lie down for a little bit to catch up on my sleep.
2:27 - I am at Dr. Rowan’s office now. Wayne is having greater problems with his balance. It is sad to watch him getting worse. The maintenance man was there fixing his sink when I arrived. Wayne had complained about his sink leaking when I talked to him yesterday. He also told me that he didn’t know where to pay his rent or how much. I have explained this to him before but his memory and confusion are getting worse.

I was a little late picking Wayne up because I was at Cherie’s parents house working on this legal issue. That will take a while to get done. As I tried to get a handle on everything that happened I found it hard to do. There is lots of confusion about what happened when and to who so it will be a process. I really think it will be easier if I can get Cathy out of the house to someplace where there is not as much confusion and phone calls that gets us off track. Nate had gone downtown to obtain the tickets and other documentation but wasn’t able to because he did not have his ID with him.

There is much that needs to be done for them to fix things but I am not sure just how well I can do this. I’ll try my best. This computer is still giving me problems but we don’t have the money to get it looked at till we get the check with the remaining inheritance.

Just did a restore thing with this computer. Took it to the day before we left for Texas to see if it helps free up this computer some. Not really sure of what I’m doing but that’s how you learn.

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