Monday, July 17, 2006

Back in the city

7/18/06 Monday
Now it’s catch up time. Cherie made a list of things I need to get done, the first is to go to the bank and make sure our expenses are covered. This trip pretty much broke us. Nothing like being land rich and cash poor. We will have to be real careful with our money now. There is much to get done for our move to Texas. Planning and getting quotes for the improvements so we have a package to show the bank when we go for the loan. I just got off the phone with the lady who’s daughter wishes to purchase the property. Her daughter was one of the home health aids that took care of my grandmother so was familiar with the house. I let her know we plan on making that our home so wouldn’t sell.

I also called Linda at Gerdinich Realty regarding the letter we received about pet smells. She had already determined that this is coming from Mia’s apartment and had talked to her. While I was on the phone with her I thanked her for expediting Wayne’s move. I will call Wayne in a few minutes to see how he is doing. I will also take the computer over that Jeff had donated for that purpose. Sometime I need to get the other one to Denise. There is much to do so I best hit the shower and get moving. I’ll have to grab breakfast on the run as there is nothing in the fridge that is still good. Shopping is on the list Cherie made for me.
I went over to the Distillery. Joy, the barmaid I carved a piece for, was there. She asked how my wife was and I told her she is as beautiful as ever. Joy was one of those I met when Cherie and I first got back together. I would walk over to the bar just to be around people while Cherie was at work. Of course I had told her about being in a coma and meeting Cherie like I told everyone. I told her about the farm in Texas and how we were looking forward to moving there.

There was a guy sitting next to me and in the course of conversation he told me he was a landscaper. “Do you know anyone who has a trailer for sale?” I asked him because all landscapers seem to have trailers. He told me of a couple places where he had seen trailers for sale and also of a business that often had some also. I’m going out there now.

I called Fred earlier to let him know we were back and see how he is doing. Ritchie and Cathy, who lives next door, have been getting him around. Barb goes into the hospital today for her hysterectomy. Fred also mentioned that he thought Cherie’s car had a gas leak because there was a big puddle under it while we were gone. Not good. I called Cherie and when she came home for lunch drove her back to work so I could look at her car. It wasn’t gas. They had serious rains out here while we were gone and it had leaked into her trunk. This filled up a section and the water was leaking out, leaving a spot under where the gas tank is. That is a relief.
We just got back from a visit with Cherie’s parents and the rest of the gang there. It went well for which I am glad. Haven’t been going over there much for quite a while now because of the tensions caused by my writing about some of the things that were happening there. That seems to have eased up now.

I went over there for two reasons. One was to ask Cathy, Cherie’s sister, if she would act as a consultant for us. She has a degree in Agribusiness. That and the years she worked in the agricultural industry means she is much more familiar with farm stuff than I am. Of course I don’t have a clue about farming so it doesn’t take much to know more than me. Wading through all the state and federal programs and incentives is something I can’t do well. Short term memory problems make it hard for me to read a book because I have to start from the beginning all the time cause I forgot it. Learning what the Department of Agriculture offers is even harder. She is not just happy but seemed thrilled to help us here. It is nice to have family pitching in to help our dreams come about. I’m not used to this as my family isn’t real close. My sister is the one who talks with me.

The other reason I went over was to see if I can be of use with their legal problems with the city. I have extensive experience with the legal system, both from the many times I have been in front of a judge and the years I spent doing legal research for inmates while in prison. The more I found out about what had happened a few weeks ago (You can go back in this journal and read about it) the more I saw that they have been seriously mistreated. I won’t go into detail right now but when all is said and done it will be juicy. I love to fight injustice and this time I will be taking on city hall. Stay tuned for more. Never fear, UnderBob is here.

All in all it was a real good visit and I think helped open things up with the family. Nate and Jeremy are in the repossession business now. It’s the kind of thing I like because of the element of danger. I always liked an edge in my life though it was sometimes achieved by being on the wrong side of the law. Don’t worry, that part of my life is long gone. Been shot at and stabbed. Too old for that crap now and probably a bit smarter also. Having a gun put to your head does make the adrenalin flow. That will be in one of the books I’m writing.

I will take Wayne to see the doctor tomorrow. He called me today. After telling me about how his case worker with the housing authority didn’t even know he had moved he said “I just called to have someone to talk to”. I understand being alone very well so this wrenched my heart a little. That is one of the reasons I am giving him a computer and paying for a year of internet access. That way he can talk to me when we move to Texas and also find others to communicate with.

It is midnight now. I am wide awake of course but need to get some sleep. We filled up Cherie’s car and smell gas so it seems she does have a gas leak. The tank was about empty when I looked at it earlier. I suppose I will have to take her to work in the morning. It will be a busy day. I am going to meet with Cathy in the morning to help her put together the legal stuff for when her parents go to court. Then Wayne to the doctor so won’t get to Cherie’s car till later. Night all.


ByronB said...

I've been internet-less for a week so I'm just catching up - things seem to be moving at a good pace for you!

Loved the pic of the "Nodding Donkey" oil well you posted - fancy having one of those in your back yard!

Those birds are swallows (or maybe swifts) I think - we had a nest above our door one year, but it got washed out in a rainstorm. They all fly South to Africa from the UK.

Bob said...

Hey Byron, good to see ya back. I like the "Nodding Donkey moniker. Never heard it before but it fits. One of the things I want to learn is what the names of plants and animals out there are.