Thursday, July 20, 2006

Rough day for us both

7/20/06 Thursday
This seems to be a rough day. Don’t know if I am fighting something off but I am tired and physically weak. Everything is an effort. Cherie is struggling too. This computer is again giving me fits. The last time this happened I had downloaded the new version of Spysweeper that had come up on the screen. When I did the system restore thing it worked but today I got another notification of a new update for spysweeper. It took an hour to download and now the computer is running slow and again my Ad Aware spyware won’t run. When I brought up the task manager it showed CPU usage at 100%. When we were in Texas there were 4 trojans and 8 viruses that Spysweeper did not detect. As I typed this a screen notified me that Windows Defender detected an error. I have spent three hours trying to figure this out.

Just sent a report to Spysweeper

I went to Microsoft’s website and found a spyware program they recommended called Search and Destroy so downloaded it. That makes four programs I have. Spy Sweeper is the only one I paid for as the others are all free. They responded to my report with some suggestions like run their sweep three times back to back. One of the things that showed up with Microsoft was a nasty Trojan that had embedded itself. It somehow told Windows Defender (Oh! I have five anti spyware programs) to ignore it. I think it was the original problem that showed back up. Hope I got it.

I called Wayne’s attorney in Kentucky, Sally Edwards, and she didn’t have much positive to say. She told me that Toledo and Cleveland are the worst places in Ohio, which is one of the worst states, for getting Social Security disability. She knows people who are losing their houses while waiting to get approved. It seems that congress cut so much money from this part of the budget that there are not enough judges to keep up. It takes over three years now. That is sad. She suggested I call our congresswoman, Marcy Kaptur, about it. It won’t help Wayne now but may help others in the future if she can get congress to provide the funds needed. It is a shame that those who are in the worst shape get the least help from our government while billions are squandered as corruption sucks all the money it can get. Welcome to America.

Not much else to say now. I E mailed my two boys and sent some pictures of the farm. Didn’t get much done. The measurements we took of the farm house are wrong and I can’t quite travel 2000 miles to redo them so I will try to hobble it together from the pictures I took of the house.

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