Friday, July 28, 2006

Good morning world

Wow! I've already gotten a load of visitors to this blog and am just looking at it myself. Some of these Homesteaders get up early. Course when we get to Texas we'll learn to do the same. If nothing else to get as much outside work done as we can before it hits 100 degrees.

I am sharp this morning. Always love it when this damaged brain decides to work. Hope it stays that way as I pretty much lost the last few days due to the partial seizures. This morning I get to pick up my laptop. Kind of got attached to it cause it is a valuable tool to help me compensate for the brain injury. It also contains most of the information I have gathered for the farm and for that matter my life since I woke from the coma. I've scanned in every document and letter I've written. That reminds me, I best make another back up disc to secure that info.

I am also going to stop by the VA clinic to inquire about veteran benifits for the farm. One of the homesteaders gave me some sage advise on that. He said focus on the house with the VA.

Got to get moving and take advantage of this period of mental clarity. It is what I call prime time and I never know how long it will last. Be back later.
12:20 – Cherie just came home for lunch. I could instantly tell something was wrong. When I asked her what was wrong she said “Nothing” and started crying. I held her and explained that she can’t tell me nothing’s wrong and cry, “I kinda know better so what’s going on”. “I hate being rejected” she told me between sobs. Come to find out Pat and Debbie had been giving her the cold shoulder and snuck out to lunch without inviting Cherie as they used to always do. Pat is the girl who had been feeding Carman kitty while we were in Texas. Debbie is a manipulator who was getting Pat worked up about not being able to find Carman once. I told Cherie to just come out and ask what was wrong instead of letting it continue. “It’s always better to communicate. This might be over some little thing that can be solved by getting it out into the open” I advised her.
I told her that I loved her and would love her forever. She said she was glad and that if I hadn’t come back in her life she would just be an empty shell. I fixed her a sandwich with the leftover pork and a little love thrown in for good measure. She just left to get back to work and is in much better spirits. Hope she is brave enough to confront these two. I did suggest she get a gift for Pat for caring for Carman while we were gone. Cherie had been contemplating paying Pat $150.00 for it. I asked if they had talked about getting paid before we left and Cherie said “No”. I told her to just get a nice gift and a card because it would mean more. Besides that we are broke.

I got my laptop back. Using it right now. Feels good to have it here, kinda a security thing as I depend on it so much. Now I can post pictures on the blog cause I didn’t have any in Cherie’s computer. I think I will post this and get back to doing things.
Wayne asked “Would you do me a favor?”. Of course I will and he knows it but was nice enough to ask. He needs more laxative because the bowel problem is acting up again. This is a common problem with Multiple Sclerosis and will only get worse not better. He also needed some stamps. Wayne gave me a twenty hoping it would be enough. Doesn’t matter cause I would cover it anyway but won’t tell him because he gets dingy about it.

At Kroger I looked at the Metamucil he had asked for. The big bottle he wants is fifteen bucks and some change. The book of stamps was $7.80 so that’s what I expected. Then I noticed the Kroger brand of laxative and it was on sale. $6.89 or something close to that but there was a sign on it that said “Buy one get one free”. I picked up the jar and compared ingredients. They are identical. Sometimes it is hard for me to make a decision but not this time. I got two containers for 1/3 of the price of Metamucil. Wayne got change back from his twenty though he was surprised when I walked in with two bottles. I also picked up a roll of tape for him.

We talked for a bit and I ran to his mailbox to pick up his mail. He told me all about how the physical therapist would be coming and that someone would help him wash his clothes. They are also getting him a special toilet seat that sits higher so standing up won’t be so hard. He mentioned some other handicap items but I don’t remember them now. I was getting tired so came home. I think this is the first time I saw him since we got back from Texas but can’t be sure.

Cherie should be home soon. I am real tired but will go work on the door handle on the truck. It is not working well and I noticed is working it’s way loose. Then I will probably have to lie down.

It’s nearly 11:00 now. Cherie came home from work just when I started to look at the truck door. “How about we go to the Glendale Garden Café” she suggested. Hey it’s Friday and this is the first paycheck since we got back from Texas and I can tell Cherie would like to not fix dinner so it’s a good idea. She'd already had a rough morning though she was doing much better. We got to the Café and found it is being remodeled thus was closed. Bummer, but we are in Toledo, tons of restaurants here, even for tight budgets.

Dinner was great. The GG Café has a sister restaurant that is not far so that worked. Love the Mediterranean food. Cherie had a kabob thing with a mix of lamb and whatnot that I will have to get next time. We came home. I never did get to fix the truck door and fell asleep for a couple of hours while Cherie shopped for a gift for Pat. Now it is time to get to bed.
Tomorrow we go see Eileen in the morning. She will fix cinnamon rolls and coffee and we will talk and talk. For those of you who do not follow closely or are part of the new influx of readers from the Homestead site, Eileen was my secretary for twelve years or so and knows more about me than many. It was Eileen that I spent four days to find when I was wandering homeless with the amnesia. I had once lived next door but that doesn’t matter when you lost your memory. She has filled in many of the blanks in this brain. I would say she is my best friend. Anyway we look forward to visiting. Good night all.

I carved this shortly after waking from the coma.
Click on it to make it bigger.

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