Friday, July 14, 2006

Last day here

7/14/06 Friday
It’s 4:16 and I am just now making my first entry in this journal. We got out to the farm at around 9:00. Chuck got there at 9:30. Because we wanted to get moving before it got too hot we had not stopped for breakfast. Yesterday we only ate one meal though it was a great one. Not good. Chuck and I went to work immediately, starting by getting the last of the furniture out of the house. We hauled that to his place as we have everything else. This is on his mothers land, part of which he will inherit. There is hundreds of acres out here, much of it undeveloped. The couch and chair went into the house and will eventually become a part of their home. Cherie and I are glad to find a home for this stuff versus just throwing it away. We donated lots of stuff to Salvation Army but it was what we could fit in the back of our truck. Chuck’s trailer isn’t licensed so I didn’t want to take it into Midland.

After that Chuck and I rolled up the big pieces of carpet and laid out the smaller pieces over the weeds by the bus. That will keep them from growing any more. I guess you could say we carpeted our yard. It didn’t take long to fill the dumpster. We could fill another one but don’t have time. We will head back to Ohio tomorrow morning. By noon I was getting weak and dizzy, I think from the lack of food. Chuck helped me put the plywood back on the front door and I sent him home after thanking him for the help. I know they are living on the edge so paid him extra telling him it was a dumping fee for what we took to his place.

Cherie and I went to the Sonic Drive in for something to eat. They got it wrong again and I doubt I will go there anymore. We took the food back to the house and finished it off. I was still not doing well so we came back to the hotel so I could get some rest. This laptop had picked up four Trojans and seven viruses over the last few days. I suspect it is from using the Day’s Inn wireless as it is unsecured. This was driving me nuts and I had to go online to Microsoft to get a malicious spyware removal program to get them off. Took a couple of hours but I think I did it. We will see later.

We are going to eat at the Olive Garden and then run back out to the farm. There we will load up the tools and secure the place in preparation for our return to Ohio. I’m going to put a tarp over the furniture we are keeping and will set off the bug bombs to fumigate the place as we leave. After a good nights rest we will hit the road in the morning. Cherie just came in with the clothes she washed so I have something to wear so it’s time to chow.

Just got back from securing the farm. Got everything locked down after setting off the bug foggers. We are exhausted. Otherwise I would write more. Here are some pictures. Good night folks.

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