Sunday, July 02, 2006

The FARM!!!

7:01 PM (Toledo time, it is 6:01 Texas time) – We’re here!!! Just got checked into the hotel. Not the Taj Mahall but it will work. They will have to turn the gas on tomorrow so we can use the stove. I am not real comfortable with having room service come in while we are gone because we are traveling with about $3500 worth of stuff. We basically brought our office with two laptops, scanner, printer, and other whatnot.

We stopped by the farm on the way in. It is really overgrown and you can tell they have had some rain out here. I took some pictures but we didn’t go inside yet as we wanted to get checked in. We will head out there in a little while.

7/2/06 Sunday
So much is going on I have not written. Right now it is 5:31 and we just came back to the hotel room because Cherie lost a contact. It was time to take a break anyway. We have been shoveling out rooms. Had to get dust masks. There is a nest of bees under the house. I sprayed the hole they go in and out of but had to run. These might be killer bees. They are aggressive and territorial.

I’m just going to post a bunch of pictures. I’ll fill in comments on them as I find the time and energy. Some are of our journey here and then the farm as we arrived. Then there are a couple of us at work.

I can’t describe to you the emotions involved as we look and imagine together about “Home”. Home, that mystic place where you know you belong, where you are secure. This is it, this is where we build the rest of our life together and make up for the twenty lost years.

Cherie and I drove out to the well, which is at the far corner of the property, and looked back. “All that is ours” Cherie said.

This is a wonder. I have so many roots here and so many memories that are being unlocked now. Here is where I wrote my name in the concrete when I helped Rudy, my grandfather, build the place. I learn by the date that that was in 1972. I find the pick axe I used back then and so many other things.

I think we will run and find a place to eat now. After that we will head back to the farm till it starts to get dark.

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