Sunday, July 30, 2006

A clear morning

7/30/06 Sunday
It is 5:00 AM. It’s Prime Time! I woke up sharp and clear with this brain running at an 8 on the Bob scale. Not quite to the prime time level of 9 but it is a good start. There is a good chance that the early morning cobwebs will clear out as I wake up more. Got up and just made a pot of coffee. That will help clear cobwebs. Carman kitty just got the pets he expects every morning. I am anxious to finish setting up the new blog for the farm. As I think about it I feel it can be a valuable tool in helping me organize my thoughts and even having others give the advice we will definitely need.

Life has become so exciting for us. It is hard to believe that it was just four years ago that I was wandering homeless with severe memory loss. Now I am remarried to my first love after 25 years of not even knowing where Cherie was and we are preparing to head to Texas and build a life from scratch. I am still and hope I will always be amazed at how blessed I am. When we went to the El Tipico restaurant yesterday we talked with the owner and his wife for quite some time. In fact she had served up our meals while we talked and I had to excuse us because the food was getting cold.

He is a minister and was about as nice and open as you can get. They are the kind of people you are glad to spend your money with. He thought I looked familiar so I shared our story telling him that I had been featured on the ABC news as “Toledo’s John Doe”. When he found out that Cherie and I had met in bible college and that I had been ordained he asked how I was doing now.

I really didn’t want to get into my doubts regarding church because I know the reaction that would bring out. I did share that I had fallen away from that faith after Cherie and I had gone through the painful divorce 25 years ago. Now that I think about it the divorce was 23 years ago but that’s ok. He asked if it was drugs and alcohol or if I was mad at God. It wasn’t drugs but mad was a factor. Drugs and drinking came shortly after. Why I am writing all this I do not know but it is what comes out this morning. We talked about the brain injuries. First the one that was the cause of our divorce and then the one that brought us back together. When I told him that if I met him tomorrow I would not recognize him he looked at his wife and said “That sounds like that Hawaii movie. What was that called?”. “Fifty first dates” I said as she also searched her mind for the title. They are good people and we will make it a point to visit again before we leave.

I found a trailer for sale in the “Homestead Today” web site I had just found a few days ago. It is much like the other homestead site but seems to get into more detail about raising livestock and stuff. It is a seventeen foot livestock trailer for $600. Needs a new floor but for that price I could put in three new floors and come out ahead. I called to see if it was still available and it is. We don’t have the cash right now but the wife I talked to said they were going to the Indiana State fair this week so there is a good chance it will be available next weekend. Don’t know if we will have any money then but we will see. It’s a hell of a good deal and is just what we need for the move to Texas. Actually a lot better than a landscapers open trailer I was considering because of price.

Cherie is up now. I heard her alarm go off at 5:30 and presumed she had set it accidentally. No. I had forgotten she is to go to work this morning despite us talking about it yesterday. I plan on visiting Allen today. Wish he would keep better hours because when he gets up a 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon I’ve already had a day and am tired. Besides that I like to spend my evenings with my lovely wife.

Time to work on the farm blog. I think I named it
Our Dream, Our Oasis but will have to check to make sure.
12:16 – Cherie just called. She’s off work and at Miejer picking up a prescription. She got paid for a whole day of work. At time and a half that will help out a bunch. I just made some rice pudding. Got a ton of pictures put on theFarm blog and put some links to it and the two homesteader sites on Walked With Angels. I am so glad Byron showed me how to do this link thing. Thanks dude! I took a nap at 11:00 or so. When I get fatigued an hour nap goes a long way. I suppose it will always be this way. That’s what I read at the brain injury site. I have improved in so many other areas. The headaches and slow downs don’t come as often as they used to and I usually know what day it is when I wake up. The reduction of stress probably has a lot to do with that. When we get the farm set up things will be much better. It will be far more peaceful than here and I will be able to have an active routine. Pretty much the exact prescription found for TBI in all the literature. Having familiar surroundings is part of that also. I don’t get lost here as much either.

I’m not as sharp as I was this morning but that’s ok. Not doing bad at all, running a 7 on the Bob scale, which is average. I took the garbage out and it is miserable hot out there. Was going to work on the truck door but I may put that off. The next few days won’t be any better
It is 10:00 now. I called Allen and when I asked if he wanted me to come over he said he had a guest and they were talking about eating out. I told him that was a good idea because I know he doesn’t eat right and needs to get out of his hole. He seemed to not take that well for some strange reason. It ended with him saying he would call me. Whatever.

I just got done downloading more pictures to the Our dream blog and got mapstats set up on it. Getting real tired now. Checked Walked with Angels and had eighteen or so visitors. The Big Spring reader is there every day now and sometimes checks in twice in a day. Real curious who it is. Hey, drop me a comment to say hi ok? Getting pretty tired now so will call it a night.

Just went in to ask Cherie if she wanted me to shut her computer off. She had fallen asleep sitting up with the remote in her hand and was so out of it that she did not respond when I gently called her name or stroked her cheek. Had to get a picture of it but I don’t dare publish it cause it’ll get me in deep water quick. She’s up now and probably will have a hard time getting back to sleep


ByronB said...

Hey, no problem - it makes life a lot easier, doesn't it ?!

How come you remember your dreams so well? Mine are gone in a flash, though they seem as real as life at the time.

Bob said...

Thats whats so strange about these dreams. Almost all of them disappear minutes after I wake up. I've only had the two recorded in this blog that were so vivid and stayed. There have been others in my life but very few.