Friday, July 21, 2006

Another muggy day

7/21/06 Friday
12:36 – It’s another muggy day. I resisted turning on the air till about 11:00. Just made a batch of guacamole after washing the dishes. Went through the fridge searching out anything that had mold on it or was in any way suspect age wise. Having been gone to Texas for a couple of weeks that was advisable. I suppose I better take the trash out now cause it will not take long to stink.

Called Wayne up to check on him. He apologized for getting all goofy the other day about the Social Security letter. I didn’t tell him what the lawyer said because that’s the last thing he needs. Trying to keep him positive and hopeful. He said he was enjoying the computer. All he does is play games but at least that keeps him from setting around worrying. Later on, when we get some money, I will get him hooked up to the internet.

Money is pretty tight right now. Our trip to Texas cost somewhere around $3000. That includes the things we bought to clean the place up such as a rinse and vac and things like turning on the electric and renting the dumpster. Gas by itself was $600 or so and two weeks of hotel room doesn’t come cheap. We’ve got lots of careful planning to do for our final move.

Fred just called. This is the first time since we got back he has asked for me to drive him somewhere. I’ll take him to the barber on Monday but will encourage him to use Ritchie and others as he did while we were gone. I called him yesterday as I was heading out to get some groceries and asked if he needed anything. He said he could use a loaf of bread.

Right now I am going to start on a business plan for the farm. This will help Cathy in her research for us. That’s all for now.
Just got done with the skeleton of the business plan. Posted it on the blog to see what kind of response I get. Sent it to Cathy for her feedback. My back is killing me from sitting at this computer. Got to lay down. It is strange how sitting hurts much more than all the work I did at the farm.

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