Thursday, February 08, 2007

Chilly morning

2/8/07 Thursday
It’s chilly this morning so I got a fire started. Looking up how to get to the Texas Department of Transportation in Odessa. Going to head out there in just a few. Called Virginia this morning. She is doing fine. I asked about the freezer and she said she didn’t even know Lee had one. It could have been one of the units that weren’t working and stuffed with paper and general crap. Who knows. She was glad to hear from us. I asked if she had gotten the 1099’s for Minnie Lee’s final income tax and she said no but it would probably be sent to Billie Pinkerton. I’ll have to ask her in church Sunday. Could swear I saw her and her husband Charlie when I was coming back from Midland. Pulled up nest to a car and a woman with red hair cut just like her’s ducked down with her hand covering the side of her face. I tried to pull up to see if it was them but the car took off and was hitting 80 quick so I didn’t worry about it.

It’s 2:38 now. As is often the case at this time of day I am tired. It’s the if I close my eyes I’ll fall asleep kind of tired. So weird to go through this in the middle of the day. This time it comes with a headache and I am slowing down too. Cherie could hear it and I am typing at about three miles per hour where my average would be thirty or so. Even this visual illustration is strained. I usually push through the tiredness but this is a one two three punch so I’m in bed. Will get this posted and crash.

Got to the department of transportation and upon learning the details the lady referred me to someone who handles auto theft. She did run the two titles and found that one had been transferred in Illinois but the newer truck has not been transferred so it is still in my mothers name. She asked how it could still be registered and insured if my mothers dead. Simply more fraud on my brother’s part. Dumb ass just can’t figure it out. If you simply do things right you stay out of trouble.

I have been looking at the Henry Fields seed catalog we just got in. There is so much there it will take a while to figure out what we should and will get. I’ve got lots of studying to do there to understand some of this. I think I’m done writing for now. A two or three hour nap is coming and will help out allot. Night for now.

So much for that. Still not doing well. At least not from the headache side. That bad boy is still ruling the front of my head, knocking on it trying to break out. At least my brain is working a little better but I really don’t feel like thinking. In fact I can’t think of anything to write so this will probably be it for the day, just going to crawl under the covers, keep the lights off, and probably the TV too. Noise of any kind is amplified in this head as if it is bouncing off the walls of a vast cavern. Nothing like a migraine to end the day with. See ya tomorrow. I think I’ll go online and learn about growing raspberries, blueberries, and the other things I saw in the seed catalog.

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