Wednesday, February 21, 2007

On the road again

2/21/07 Wednesday
On the road again, well almost. Carman kitty has been taken to the kennel and Cherie is finishing up the packing. I went into town to let the sheriff know we would be gone so they could keep an eye out. There is a deputy that drives by every day. I stopped at the post office but there wasn’t any mail, might have been a bit early. While there I stopped at the bank to see if they had sent out the 1099 for Minnie Lee so the taxes can be done thus getting the estate settled. Come to find out they sent it out on January the sixteenth. I checked the address and it was for Virginia. How curious. Getting home I called Virginia at work, the one place I can get a hold of her. Asked her if she got the 1099’s and she said “No, I’ve been looking everyday but they haven’t come in yet” was her answer. I asked what her mailing address was in case the bank had it wrong but it was the right one. I let her know the bank had long since mailed the 1099’s out so suggested she call the bank and ask for another one. I have a copy here also and could mail it. Whatever works but I’m going to push some now. It’s time to get it done and I have to wonder, why the hold up.

I went to get a picture of the longhorn steer that we see out at Carrol Yater’s place but it wasn’t out. Being sharp I decided to stop in and pay him a visit. He owns the building across the highway that I think would make a great farm market spot. I also wanted to ask about the shelving that is sitting out on the side of the building. It turned out to be a great visit. He knew Lee since childhood and in fact they had worked together in that building when it was a store. Said he had seen us working on the place and had intended to stop by but just hadn’t got to it yet.

We talked for a while and then his wife came out so he introduced her. That was the start of another conversation. Carrol was getting tired so went back inside. I got to get some pictures of his place. Great stuff there, all kinds of antiques including life size carvings of cowboys and such. Just a picture of the wild west here. Lynn (Carrol’s wife) knew Lee well and visited often. She had met Larry, Virginia, and many others who were involved in Lee’s life. When I told her what we plan to do with the farm she got excited, particularly about the organic part. “There’s such a need for that out here” she exclaimed. I brought up that Cherie would like to start a sewing business and come to find out she needs some sewing done. Cherie will call her when we get back. I had to cut the conversation short as I had left the garage doors open and had stuff to get done for this journey.

We’ll be checking in. With this new PC card we can go online anywhere, even as we cruse down the highway. Should be interesting. Gotta go.

It was a start. The electric brakes didn’t work so I turned around and went back to the house. Hadn’t gone far, about a mile down the road. Messed with the wires and messed with anything else connected with no luck. Then when I went to lock the garage door part of the lock fell apart. I think I cussed just a little bit. Got all that straight and decided to hit the road brakes or no brakes. They are important when I’ve got a load in the trailer but it is empty now and the roads are dry and clear. Besides that I no longer have a floor jack as the one I had lost a seal so won’t work. Without a jack there is no way I can get under the trailer. So we left.

We are about an hour away from Fort Worth now. Go figure, the electric brakes work fine now. Stopped so I could get out and walk a little, get the blood moving in this right leg. A little blood flow in the right bun helps too. I’m taking a few moments to post this and then we’re getting moving again. I want to at least get out of Texas before we stop but we will play that by ear. Won’t take any risks.

Well we made it through Dallas. Glad it was eleven when we went through. Still the traffic was intense and the idiots were plentiful. We just stopped for some McNuggets and coffee for a snack. It is 12:18. Just thought I’d drop a quick note. Time to get driving

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