Saturday, February 24, 2007

We're here

2/24/07 Saturday
We are in Toledo now. Checked into the Red Roof Inn that isn’t far from Cherie’s parents house. On the way up Cherie’s youngest sister, Connie, called. That was yesterday when we were in Indiana. She invited us to stop by her place near Columbus and spend the night, then we could drive up to Toledo the next day. It was a nice invite but I didn’t want to stop till we got here.

Cherie and Cathy called each other a few times on this last leg of the trip. Of course both Cathy and Connie were keeping up with things through the blog. What a powerful form of communication that is. Almost like a voice mail with pictures that the world can check into any time it wants. So they both knew we are sick. Fact is, from checking the mapstats program I can see that there are many of the regular readers who have been checking in several times a day to see how things are going. Here’s a big hello to you guys, it’s good to have friends, even the anonymous ones. Cathy went out and purchased the Sudafed and some throat lozenges for us. She had Cherie call her when we got into town and ran up to meet us at the hotel.

What a nice welcome to Toledo that was. Cathy was all happy and energetic while we were both dragging. She told us how the whole family has been preparing for our visit and had stocked up for it. What really hit home was when Cathy looked at us and said “Me, and mom and dad, are going to pay for your hotel stay for a few days”. That will be a big help. It cost $260 just in gas to get here. Add two days of hotel stays and food and it comes out to be a chunk of change. We will have to stay till Thursday to head back to Texas because we must wait for my disability check and Thursday is the first of the month. Otherwise we would be close to not having enough money to make it back.

Neither of us got good sleep last night despite being exhausted. There are train tracks near this hotel so the sounds of the trains blowing their horns kept waking us up. We can deal with that. Right now we are preparing to go to mom and dad’s for the breakfast that Cathy is fixing. I hope we don’t share this nasty cold we both have. Cherie is on the tail end of hers but mine is full blown right now. My voice has that gravely sound that I am sure actors portraying some kind of bad ass would love to imitate. It comes with a serious sore throat and I was coughing up some nasty tasting chunks all night and this morning. At least the ear ache has gone down. Point is we would hate to blow into town, make everyone sick, and then leave. That is a dilemma. Do I just try not to breath on anyone? From what I’ve seen on the news washing your hands is important for not spreading germs.

I don’t think we will get too much done today, probably will rest up a bit to recover from this journey. There is much to do but staying till the first of the month gives us more time. Hopefully my immune system will kick this cold quickly. Probably will as it has fought off some serious stuff in it’s time, which they sat makes it strong. That and the fact I almost never take antibiotics all help my bodies ability to fight off infection.

It’s time to get moving now. I’ll have Cherie read this before I publish it because I usually have her make sure I didn’t say anything wrong.


Jacob Da Jew said...

Refuah Shelimah! (have a full recovery)

Janie said...

Get better soon, Bob and Cherie! See ya sometime after y'all get home...

Bob said...

Thanks guys. Always appreciate your thoughts. We are improving rapidly so will not be hindered.