Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Good morning world

2/7/07 Wednesday
Good morning world. Gonna get busy quick. Just called Wayne to let him know we will be coming up in two weeks. We will he staying at his place while up there. It’ll be a tight fit on the bed cause it’s a one person affair. Cherie said it’s a twin bed. I don’t know why a bed fit for one person would be called a twin but I suppose that’s a mark of how the world changes. Imagine that at one time this was the size two people shared. Who knows, I don’t.

Tried to call Virginia but there was no answer at her work. I need to call the bankruptcy attorney in Toledo to clear up what still shows on the credit report. I’m also going to go to Odessa to hand over the information on my brother to the BMV. Still haven’t gotten around to that. Kinda not in a hurry I suppose. Still wrestling with it.

It’s going to be another beautiful day. Cherie has been working on getting the living room cleaned up some cause we are having guests up this weekend. That would be Amy and her two daughters. Her friend, who I think is also a homesteader, will be coming up too but is visiting her sister in Midland.

Right now I’m going online to look up a map that shows all the counties in a sixty mile radius from this farm. That is needed for the business plan. Suppose that would be a good time to post this. Cherie just fixed me a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast so I’ll eat that first.

So what did we do today?...?...OK, we opened a new bank account at Community National Bank. (Had to ask Cherie) The lady who did all the paperwork is in our old Sunday school class. Of course I didn’t recognize her and Cherie, knowing I wouldn’t, leaned over and let me know. We’re changing banks because First National doesn’t have online banking and Cherie really does better with that.

After that we stopped over at the Farm Bureau because yours truly mailed our payment with out a stamp. The other day I bought a book of stamps, put one on one of the letters I was mailing and for some reason didn’t stamp the other one. We got it back yesterday. Of course I didn’t notice the notice stamped on it that said “Returned for insufficient postage” and ripped it open so we just took it in.

OK Cherie, what else did we do? We picked up our mail and then stopped at the Oasis for some of the best Mexican food we’ve had at an even better price. That’s becoming a regular stop for us. We came home and ate it outside on our veranda. Not sure what we did next but I know that Cherie went into Midland do some shopping. She got a plastic storage container that she will use to put sheets and stuff in. She also got some groceries including the tamales that the Mercado grocery store makes. Gee, we’re eating allot of Mexican food now a days. Guess that’s part of becoming Texans.

I had to take a nap sometime in all this. When Cherie went to Midland I got up and went to work. I covered the access to the crawl space that I had opened up for the honey bees to scavenge all the honey out of the hive we had destroyed. I also had it opened for Skittles to hopefully hunt down the rats we had heard under the house. With it warming up I don’t want any other critters to wander down there. Then I dug a trench to run the electric wire into the garage.

I ran out to the well to cover the insulation I had put on it when it froze up during the cold snap we had sometime a while back. I covered it with plastic so the insulation wouldn’t get soaked and trashed. The well is six tenths of a mile away so the pump basically must pump over a half mile up hill. No wonder the underpowered pump the well service would put in for Minnie Lee would burn out every two years or so.

Cherie came home when I was at the well so wondered where I had gone leaving the garage doors open. I pulled up while she was still unloading the car to her relief. At this time I started splitting the wood I had cut a day or three ago. I know I am going to pay for that but I so enjoy the physical exercise that I don’t care. My neck is already pretty sore. I miss hard work. Used to love out working my employees when I had the liquidation company. We’d be clearing out a business I had bought out and they would say “Slow down Bob” as I pushed them to keep up. Of course I was paying them by the hour so I wanted to get the job done fast. Now I have to stop and catch my breath every couple or three logs. That’s gonna get better, just a matter of getting this beat up body in shape. Farm life is good for me. Now I didn't split all this wood in the picture this time. Half of it was already done.

I suppose that’s it. I did do some research but not much. Figured out what cities are within a seventy mile radius of us. This will be a part of the marketing end of the business plan. I snapped a picture of the sunset though I got it a little late. Must have been great just a few minutes before. The sun drops so fast out here, you can almost see it moving. Oh well, night all.

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