Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Things to do, so I'll work through it

These paintings I use so often are all by Beverly Doolittle, my favorite artist

2/6/07 Tuesday
Well I woke up with pain this morning. Go figure. The only thing really physical I can think of doing was running that piece of mystery wood through my planer about fifty times to get it flat. I went to Lowes and Home Depot in addition to Bed Bath and Beyond, where Cherie exchanged a curtain she bought. Sure I got so tired I had to sit down but can’t see that causing this pain. Other than that I went to the men’s rally. Don’t know but would like to figure it out in case it’s something I can change, thus reducing the pain.

Today I will go to the Habitat for Humanity Restore to pick up two more of the fluorescent light fixtures. At five bucks apiece you can’t go wrong and one of the two I got takes T-8 bulbs which cost six or seven bucks for two bulbs. I got the regular bulbs used for fifty cents apiece at Restore. Also I want to see what kind of price they put on the table tops that came in while we were there Saturday. That’s some good wood I can sure use.

Cherie just reminded me that she needs to get her car inspected and we both need to get our Texas licenses. So that just took priority and will be the first thing we do. Other than pain, which will probably work out as I get moving, I am doing fine. The brain is operating at a 7 or possibly 8 on the bob scale. I took my medicine and will probably take a couple of aspirin as I so often do at the start of a day. If nothing else it thins the blood and that increases blood flow to that place upstairs (my brain) that generally works better with good blood flow. Despite the pain I will hold off on the Hydrocodone. Just dislike taking any kind of narcotic and generally save it for when things get real bad. Now that I think about it I took one before the men’s rally. I just asked Cherie about that and she said I had a pretty good pain level ever since going shopping and was getting a bad headache so I took it in order to not be too bad for the rally. It worked cause I did well other than having to walk a bit for the pain.

So that’s our start. Didn’t need the woodstove last night and it looks like it will be warm for a few days so might not need it the rest of the week.

We went in and got Cherie’s car inspected at Wheeler Chevy, which is the same place I had the truck done last summer. The guy who did the inspection remembered us. We talked about moving from Ohio and how friends and relatives took everything of value out of the house, even dumping the drawers out onto the floor. Brings up allot of anger in me. How I want to shine a light on that and expose all responsible.

Anyway, from there we went to the courthouse where we got Cherie’s license plates and then went over to get our drivers licenses. While there the sheriff came over with two others to get something done for the young ones license I presume. He had to wait for us to get done so I introduced myself and told him we had moved to town. When asked what brought us to Stanton I told him that I had inherited Minnie Lee’s farm and that “We’re gonna become permanent fixtures here”.

He was quite friendly to Cherie’s surprise. Mostly because she is not at all accustomed to police officers being friendly, and for that matter I even less so. “He’s smiling and he doesn’t have to” she exclaimed. His name is Randy Kozar? (not sure on the last name). He asked if there was anything he could do for us and if so to let him know. I said something about we really should have some emergency numbers as there wasn’t 911 in Stanton. He looked at me puzzled and perceiving Stanton probably did I said we had cell phones so they wouldn’t work in Stanton. He kinda laughed and asked “Do you have your phone with you?”. “Sure” I said and dug it out of my pocket, handing it to him. As he flipped it open he walked a few feet to a glass door and held it open. I could see the ladies behind a counter look up and heard a phone with a loud unusual ring sound off. Sheriff Randy, laughing seriously now, said to the women “That was just a test call” and handed me back my phone. I guess I just learned that the small town of Stanton does indeed have 911 service. Of course the sheriff knew of Minnie Lee and I told him that if he was ever in the area to be sure and drop in, we’d love to see him. He said he would probably do that. I also let him know that my son in Toledo is a Sheriff Deputy in Toledo. Figured that wouldn’t hurt and besides that I’m proud of the kid.

Cherie laughed all the way out to the car about that. It is another example of how different the world is here in Stanton versus Toledo. I went to Midland after that and picked up the other two light fixtures. The table tops that were being donated when we were there Saturday were priced at $45 apiece. Not an option for us as I would just buy them for the wood. I picked up a credit application at Home Depot to use if we have to, to put together the woodshop.

That’s it for now. Cherie is fixing dinner and I’m worn out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, I'm not a blogger, though I do write some. I started reading your blog occasionally some time ago. I don't remember how I found it now. Anyhow, I just wanted to tell you that it really touches my soul to hear about your life and struggles and to see how hard you are trying to live a life that matters. I came across the post where you said you wanted to see if any comments had been generated and it prompted me to at least write and let you know that people are reading that you don't even know about. It's amazing to me that you take time to write all this down with all the the difficulties you have just living daily life. Blessings to you and Cherie and thank you for the inspiration that you share.

Bob said...

Thanks and thanks. I know from the mapstats software how many come to visit this blog and where they are from but hearing from you guys is great. Some E mail me privately also. The address is in the introduction. I started keeping a journal shortly after waking from the coma at the encouragement of the Brain Injury Institute. It does serve as my memory or at least a key to help me unlock them. With the blog I just publish the journal I keep anyway but also write it to the world that is out there reading. Like you most of them remain mysteries but that's OK. Just to hear I've inspired or touched a heart is a reward. Like my creed says, money and things vanish in a flash but what has real lasting value is the lives you touch.

Jacob Da Jew said...

Your son's a Sheriff Deputy? Pretty cool ,Bob.

If I get in trouble with the law, I'll know who to call.LOL.

Bob said...

If you get in trouble in Toledo you are SOL unless you have money. Right and wrong blurs in the court system there. Most of the cops are good but some... That's another book I'll write later.