Sunday, February 11, 2007

We are grateful

2/11/07 Sunday
Good morning. I sit here and marvel that someone would drive five hours to give gifts to someone she has never met. There is a depth of character in this act that is a wonder to behold. Again the question raises in my mind, a question I have asked myself many times since I woke up, both from the coma and from the old way of thinking I had. “Why me?” Now it is “Why us” with Cherie and I rejoined. It is a question that may not have an answer though it begs for one. Again, my life is a gift and one I am grateful for. It is a gift I intend to give in whatever way I may find.

We just finished watching the Chronicles Of Narnia, which is the other DVD Amy left for us to watch. It is one that excites the imagination to the magic’s of another world but mostly to the principles of sacrifice and the battle of good over evil. In real life there is always that war we must fight against what we desire and what we know is wise or right to do. Doing what is right often carries a cost, a price entailing a little sacrifice. It is my belief and experience that if you do good, good will follow. Of course there is the other principle of “You reap what you sow” that applies to both a life of doing good for others or a life of selfish indulgence and all that springs from that. Another principle I talked of during a time I lived a life with a gun always by my side among others equally dangerous. “You live by the sword you die by the sword”. There is much I have to write about in the future that lays before me.

Right now we prepare to go to church but Cherie is rushing to fix her treat for Amy, her family and friend Lori. One of the things Amy told us was that she had run across our blog way back when I had bought the trailer and was working to get it ready for our journey to this farm. Then she moved on forgetting about it till she ran across me again on the homestead forum. It is amazing in itself that this would happen in the vastness of the internet with billions of things going on. Again this makes me wonder about the possibility of an unseen hand orchestrating these things that just keep happening.

It’s 7:00. I’ve got a headache and am not doing so well so that’s it for today. Amy, her kids, and Lori, dropped by about three after they had gone to church in Midland. Lori brought some stuff her sister had to give us. I’m not sure what except for some containers for putting food in. We visited and I played with Hanna most of the time. Then it was time to go. Oh, I showed them my Beverly Doolittle calendars where I got all the prints I put on this blog. They saw the wolf image hidden in the Doolittle print up above that I had not seen before despite examining every print looking for the images she often hides in her work. I am kind of simple right now so going to call it quits.

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