Monday, February 26, 2007

Our day is starting

2/26/07 Monday
It’s another day in Toledo. We are up and had coffee from the coffee maker we just bought. I called Eileen (my former secretary for you new readers). She asked how the sun was down in Texas. I answered “I don’t know, but I know it’s cold up here”. “Where you at” was her puzzled reply as she processed my statement. “I’m up here in Toledo” I let her know. We talked for a while about things. Eileen knows more about me than just about anyone as she worked for me for eleven years. She was the other person I could remember when I came back to Toledo after waking up from the coma. It was her and Allen. I wandered around the area for four days trying to remember where she lived despite having rented the house next door for a girlfriend I had during the nasty divorce from the second wife. We will go over there for dinner tomorrow.

I then called Fred. Fred is the 89 year old guy who lives in the apartment complex Cherie lived in when she took me in. Fred is pretty much blind now and can no longer drive so I became his chauffer. Hec I was sitting around unable to do much of anything so I was happy to help him out. I would take him to the grocery store where I was his eyes and would tell him what he was looking at. “Those are green beans Fred, here let me get you the chili”. I took him everywhere he wanted to go and through him also began to help Barb. Barb is another victim of a brain injury. Hers happened when she was beat with a tire iron during a robbery. I’ll go see Fred this afternoon after dropping Cherie off at her sister’s where she will pick up the car to take her mother around.

So our day is starting.

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