Wednesday, February 28, 2007

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2/22/07 Wednesday
I can see that I didn’t get far on yesterdays postings. Had a busy day so need to catch up. By the time we got in last night I was pretty much done for and went straight to bed. Today is packing day so there is much to do. Of course there is all the other things we haven’t gotten to. Part of that is me visiting with the kids. Haven’t even called to let them know I was in town. Don’t know when to call them because they work and I don’t know what hours.

We’re heading out to the storage area first to spy out that situation and thus be better able to plan on how we will pack the trailer. Yesterday Cherie took her parents to a funeral. That was a chore that I won’t detail here but Cherie saw cousins she hasn’t seen since high school. We met up at the hotel room at three or so to prepare to have dinner with Eileen.

The visit with Eileen was great but too short in my mind. Her knew place is a drastic improvement over her house across the street. Of course that house is full of memories, a large part of which are unpleasant. Her mom lived, was cared for by Eileen, and died in the house. Her common law husband died there just last year resulting in an emotional mess as their relationship was not legitimized by law in spite of being together twenty five years. So there is a ton of emotion there.

I’ll tell more when things settle down. That may not be today so hang in there. I’ll fill these things in later.

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