Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Another month gone by

Another month has gone by. Seems like they are just rolling away. I went to the lumber yard on Industrial yesterday and was surprised to find it closed. It was 6:30 or 7:00, somewhere in there. I know many here think Midland is a big city but it’s not to us. Toledo and it’s suburbs numbered around 750,000. I’m always amazed at how every time we go out with Steve and Janie they see people they know. While Midland is small one of the things I’ve noticed is the money is big. With my marketing company I was a paid consultant teaching many companies how to find, market, and sell their products. The numbers that came up were in the tens and sometimes a couple hundred thousand dollars. Here in Midland I hear million dollar figures bandied about as normal and a quarter million dollar deal being not a big deal. Perhaps it’s because of the people I’ve been blessed to associate with. God opens the doors though some people seem fixed on locking theirs closed. They lock out blessings by doing so.

As predicted I hurt this morning. Only have eight doses of pain meds left so will ration them tightly. Took one this morning. Once I get moving the pain loosens up and I’m not as aware of it when my mind is focused on something. At least not till I move wrong or have to stand up. I’m heading to the lumber yard early to see if I can find some oak veneer or oak faced plywood I can use to finish up the cabinets. Putting the sink in yesterday turned into an all day affair, much to my disappointment. It is a constant frustration to see how little I accomplished at the end of each day. I must stay focused on getting the kitchen put together.

Time to run.

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