Saturday, June 30, 2007

The usual start

6/30/07 Saturday
As always our morning starts with the puppies. It was the usual routine of waking to the noise of their yelps and scratching on the door from what we now call the puppy room. Cherie nudges me and I start awake as she says “Do you hear the puppies”. I do now. So I painfully struggle out of bed, rocking my legs as I must to set up. Then it’s get the sweats on to take them out. As soon as I open the door they are bouncing like little beach balls with joy and energy all around my feet making it difficult to walk with out tripping. Then they see Carman kitty and the instinct to herd kicks in. After guiding the not happy kitty to the back room where he takes refuge out of their reach it’s time to go outside.

I stumble out with them and watch their disappointment that I am not running and playing with them. I find a ball and throw it with the hope it will supply the need for my involvement. Not quite. They rush after the ball, pick it up, look at me, drop it and come running back. Oh well, I tried. Grabbing the cup of coffee Cherie prepared I sit in the chair on the veranda and watch as they continue expelling the pent up morning zeal. I throw the ball a few more times and walk out to check on the corn. Both puppies are right with me, loving their daddy so to speak, wanting and happy to be near, to be a part of whatever I am doing. I look at the not too healthy corn so they examine it too, sniffing and scratching at everything around.

I want to come in so that means they do also. Tough. I let them scratch and beg at the door trying to ignore the racket. Eventually they quit and go exploring. I open this laptop and start writing when I hear Cherie’s “NO, Get OUT OF MY BUSHES” and the door open as she rushes out. I knew instantly what the little buggers had done. They wormed their way through the wire fencing I had put up to keep them out of the bushes we had just planted and were destroying them. I run out let them know this was unacceptable with a few smacks on the butt and plenty of loud “BAD DOG”. It’s not new so I hope they figure it out. They did obey “stay” when I went to water the ivy I had transplanted from Janie’s. That surprised and impressed me. Smart puppies except where bushes are concerned.

Janie is bringing the electrician over this morning to see what needs to be done to get the stove and hot water heater hooked up. Cherie is baking some blueberry muffins for them. The puppies have crashed out as they do every morning after expending their energy. I want to join them but have things to do.
Janie came over with the electrician. He looked the place over and made suggestions on how to take care of our needs. He won’t be able to get to it till three weeks from now but I’m not in a hurry. Would rather go slow and get things done right. Cherie made blueberry corn muffins that are really good. Joe Fussell, the electrician, wasn’t able to stay and visit so Cherie wrapped his muffins in aluminum foil so he could take them with him. I ran out to the garden and cut him some of the spaghetti squash that I give away at every opportunity.

After he left Janie stayed and visited with us for a while. I had gotten the camera out to take a picture of Joe after telling him I would write about him on the blog and just had to snap a picture of Janie. That was hard to do as she, not wanting her picture taken, ran for the door. Cherie said I shouldn’t post the picture and if Janie doesn’t want it I won’t. Need to call her right now and ask. Nope, no picture. That’s too bad cause it’s one of those cute action pics that’s a great “I gotcha” moment. Oh well.

We talked about God and religion, what problems I have in that arena, and my delusions of grandeur. Lots of good basic stuff. Poor Janie’s been running so hard she’s about worn out. She needs to go home and relax but she has to go to work. Come to find out she was going to Big Spring high school at the same time I did. We couldn’t identify any common acquaintances but my damaged memory doesn’t help in that regard.

It’s 11:33 and I need to go water the squash and melons. Then I’m gonna run into Midland to finally get the grass seed I’ve been talking about for days now. I will also dig up some more of the plants at Steve and Janie’s.

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The puppies are so cute!