Thursday, January 22, 2009

1/20/09 Tuesday
I just watched the inauguration of Barrack Obama. It is a tall pedestal many have put him on. The expectations are as high as is the sky. It is the miraculous they deem him able to do. I hope, along with millions of others i' sure, that President Obama can accomplish these goals set before him. His speech mirrored many of my thoughts, some of which are expressed in my What about bob blog. His vision is one I desire to see come about. But this is how most presidents start their terms, with dreams and visions of accomplishing wondrous things. It’s congress that will be the greatest obstacle to his goals because many, if not most, politicians are in the pockets of various major corporations or other entities, perhaps other countries. Everyone who can shovel money into their coffers or influence votes to keep them in office. The changes will effect big oil, big medication, big agriculture based firms such as Monsato, and on and on. So it could be a mess but hopefully won’t.

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