Friday, January 30, 2009

Lots to do

1/30/09 Friday
Took Cherie to work. Went to air up her now flat tire but the new air tank we just bought didn’t hold air so couldn’t. There is so much to do but trying to fix Cherie’s car is taking up a lot of time. I spent hours online yesterday trying to find out how to fix it with little luck. Auto Zone, a big auto parts company, doesn’t even stock any lock cylinders for a 1998 Prism. I went to site after site and after going through the slow process of plugging in all the answers to the questions about the make and model of the car would find they didn’t have the part.

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours drilling and chiseling the old lock cylinder out. I did some damage to the housing so that’s not comfortable. If I can’t find a replacement cylinder, or if I do and it won’t work, I’ll try to rig up a switch on the dash to start the car with. Cherie asked me what we could get for the car as is and I told her I felt we would be lucky to get $400.00 for it right now.

My check came in so we can afford to buy some of the stuff desperately needed for this growing season. I’d better make a list now, before I get distracted and do something else. Then we must order seeds. God I hope I keep up with this.
I found a place that sells ignition locks but looking at the picture makes me think I broke something when drilling the old one out. The church Cherie works at said she could use their maintenance truck to go to and from work until we get this fixed.

Finally got the tiller out and have tilled along all the water system trenches on both sides. Came in and took a pain pill. While out tilling I started to experience the strange changes in my hearing that heralded a seizure a few years ago. This worried me because it was like this when I had the grand mal that put me in the hospital for three days. But it may be because I forgot to eat lunch so I came in and made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I seem to be doing ok now. Worked on figuring out what I’ll need for the drip irrigation but it gets confusing for me. I’ve never dealt with this stuff before so am not sure what goes where or what I’ll need to do the job. I’ll go back out and till, that I can do without getting confused.

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