Saturday, January 03, 2009

Got some sleep

1/3/09 Saturday
I woke up at 7:30 so got some sleep. Still hacking up lots of the garbage in my lungs. I sure miss having Cherie in bed next to me but did have a dog on each side and Carman kitty lying on the top of my head. That made getting out of bed a challenge. I seem to have more energy than yesterday so may get some things done. Got coffee going and called Cherie to see how she’s doing. The house sitting job will be finished tomorrow, providing Steve and Janie make it back by then. Both Cherie and I will be real glad to be able to spend more time together. In a way it’s good she’s been at Janie’s because we are both still sick and I am sure I’d keep her up all night with my hacking cough. She has the same cough too so that’s not good. I’ll be running up there today where we will get some things done together and I will also enjoy the luxury of a good hot shower at Janie’s. Eventually we will remodel our bathroom and install a shower but till then it’s the good old fashioned bathtub. Cherie asked if I had eaten breakfast yet so I suppose I should fix something. She’s a wonderful wife, no question about it, and unbelievably understanding of the issues that come with a brain injury.

Speaking of that I had a visitor to the blog who left a comment that he had learned of me through the PBS program NOVA. I dimly remember a request from them to write of my experience but really don’t remember what I wrote so I just googled it to see. I wrote a whole lot and was surprised to see how much. Geeze, it’s almost a short book with two chapters. It’s the last of the many stories submitted by many other survivors. Here’s the link

I got Gretchen fed and the dogs are out so suppose I should fix breakfast and try to get moving.

I decided to take some pictures of the puppies when I took the evaporated milk/egg yolk mix out to her. Of course they are cute, all puppies are cute, at least to me. They didn't hold still for the pictures, probably because they aren't used to the amount of light that came in when I lifted the roof.

I often find pictures that I don't remember taking, but that helps me remember. Don't know when I got this done but I finally got the planer mounted on the end of the work bench. Part of it broke but it will still work just fine. I still need to adjust things so it will fold under like the miter saw. I also wanted to figure out some way to support them but for now a two by four slid underneath will do.

This is Tiger (Pronounced like the Winnie the Pooh character) My sister, Robin, sent us a picture of her two new kittens and they look like ours so I figured I'd take this to send to her. I am so not good at communicating with others, keep intending to write and keep forgetting. She's the one member of my family that talks to me and I really want to strengthen that relationship. Sometimes she reads the blog.

Here is Gracie, our other "outside" cat, though we let her come in sometimes. All the other outside cats are gone now, falling victim to the highway. One of them may have been killed by coyotes. These two live in the rafters of the garage. I set up a warm box lined with a blanket with a heat pad underneath I turn on when the temperature gets real low. Put their food up there also because otherwise Ben will steal it. We love our animals. They are a lot of work and an expense but return it multifold. (Is that a word?) Eventually we hope to have chickens, goats (perhaps) and maybe a miniature dairy cow I just learned about. They can give several gallons of milk a day or week, can't remember just how much right now, and don't eat near as much as a full size cow. If we can get a mating pair there is good money to be made selling them. Real good, something like $1700.00 each for the pure bred ones.

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