Monday, January 19, 2009

Hope to get lots done

1/19/09 Monday
It’s going to be warm for several days and I hope to get lots done. Yesterday I had a slow down that mostly affected my physical abilities though it did degrade my cognizance a bit. Walking became difficult and my balance was way off. It’s hard to step around pets when you have a hard time putting your foot where you want it to go.

I guess it’s the week for flat tires as a tire in Cherie’s car went flat over night. We will take it into Franklin this morning to get fixed and Cherie and I agreed it would be a good idea to buy the two used tires they showed me for thirty bucks each. While I’m there I’ll fill up the propane tank so I can continue burning off the weeds as an initial step to preparing the soil for this growing season.

When I researched the value of Genell’s Harley I was surprised to see it’s only worth about $3700.00 in poor condition (it doesn't run right now) and there were some good running 1976 superglides that could be bought for $5000. There were very few Harleys from the years AMF owned the company listed at all. Those were poor years for Harley Davidson as their quality was pretty crappy under AMF’s leadership. Still I would love to own this bike but odds are slim that will happen.

The old man just called and would like me to do some work this afternoon. I’m feeling good so will be happy to. Sometime today we want to see if I can get my glasses fixed, it would be nice to be able to read road signs. Gotta go get the tires fixed and stuff so see ya later.
I’m pretty rough now. It’s 1:10. Walking and thinking are hard to do. Cherie’s tire was not fixable so I bought another used one for $25.00. All in all we spent $115.00 on three tires and a refill of the propane tank. I’ll be going to the old mans to work in about fifteen minutes. It will be hard to do but I’ll try. I mentioned getting the farmer’s market going to the Mexican who was fixing the tires. He was very positive about it and suggested I go to the “Valley” to buy fruits and vegetables cheap for sale in the market. I didn’t have a clue where or what the “valley” was so had to ask. Come to find out it’s the Rio Grand river valley that borders Mexico. He said it’s about a ten hour drive. It’s a good idea but right now just paying for the gas would be a challenge must less purchasing product. Maybe next year.

This slow down has me drained and I’m fighting off sleep as I type. There is so much I need to do around here. I drove over to Decker’s tree nursery after getting the tires fixed. He’s going to or already is in prison for transporting Mexicans across the border illegally. When we first got to Texas I talked to him and he offered to sell his nursery/tree farm for fifty thousand dollars. It’s sad to see how neglected things are over there. There is probably fifty grand worth of trees sitting dead or dying but what I’m interested in is the greenhouse. All the plastic is shredded and blown off and some of the metal frame has broken too. It would sure be nice to be able to get it and set it up here. That would be a money maker and allow me to grow a lot more stuff. Got to go.

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