Monday, January 05, 2009

Nice to have Cherie home

1/5/09 Monday
I wonder how long this is going to last. Cherie is still coughing but other than that doesn’t seem to be in too bad of shape, though she certainly isn’t up to speed. I’m just not improving at all. I hope to get up and get something done but fixing breakfast this morning I’m real weak and my balance is off bad enough that I must be careful. I called the old man to let him know that it wouldn’t be a good idea for me to work right now, especially because he doesn’t want to catch this. He didn’t have much going on anyway so that made me feel better.

It was nice to have Cherie sleeping next to me last night. Steve and Janie should be home today so she didn’t have to spend the night over there. She sure was happy to be home too. The girl worked around the house till nine or so despite not being up to speed. What a trooper.

After feeding the animals, including eating my breakfast, I decided to lay back down before I fell over. Because it was going to be so cold last night we decided to let Ben come in but that didn’t last long. He got into the garbage and peed on the chair we just got from Genelle. I’m sure I spelled her name wrong but that’s ok. Anyway, Ben got dragged out and I put him in the kennel with Gretchen and the puppies. I’d kept him out of there but there wasn’t a problem and there is a shelter I made to protect him from the cold and wind.
Ben is a beautiful dog and very smart, I just wish I had the time to train him. I suppose I have the time, just need to schedule it in. Using a schedule is something I’ve neglected for a while now and that is a big reason for me not getting things done. Right now I’m real, real tired so may try to nap. It’s just a little after nine this morning so that sucks. Geese, I just woke up a few hours ago, at five or so.

I couldn’t stand not doing anything so went outside to see what I could do. I picked some stuff up in the garage and looked at what needs to be done to fix up the puppy run. Then the cold got to me and I started coughing so decided to go in. I fired up the computer we got from my secretary’s family after she died to watch one of the forty or so movies that’s on it. Got ten minutes into the old James Bond movie, Thunderball, when it suddenly shut down. Now the computer won’t boot up. Crap. Another computer messed up while I was using it. When we got it, it wouldn’t boot up so we took it to our PC guy in Toledo and he got it going just fine so I’m confident that it won’t take much to get it going again.

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