Friday, January 02, 2009

another long night

1/2/09 Friday
It was another long coughing night. I feel better this morning than I did yesterday but probably should take it easy to make sure I keep getting better. Still thinking about my dad and wondering how or if things will work out. I will probably stay in bed a lot but must check on the dogs regularly to make sure they are behaving. The biggest problem with them is when they chase our neighbor’s truck to his barn. Ben is the worst offender and Rascal and Trixie follow along. What worries me is when the farmer leaves Ben will chase his truck down the highway. Rascal and Trixie have been well trained to not get on that road. We haven’t checked yet but Gretchen’s puppies should be opening their eyes soon. I must fix up the area we will have for them to run in. It was going to be where we planted herbs but that has changed now that we have puppies to care for. I am tired so will check on the dogs and perhaps take a nap.
I looked in on the puppies and one of them had it’s eyes open, just barely. The rest were sleeping. Being sick sucks. It’s strange to hear my lungs bubbling as I breath. I’m sure glad I quit smoking. I forced myself to eat something for lunch and am trying to get lots of fluids in this body. Food just doesn’t taste good right now. It’s such a nice day out. My being sick is particularly hard on Cherie because she is house sitting and can’t be here like she wants. She loves me dearly just as I do her. I guess love comes with a price.

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