Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Gonna be fairly warm

1/7/09 Wednesday
It’s going to be a fairly warm day. I seem to have more energy so hope to get some things done. Still hacking up stuff from my lungs but at this point I think my body is getting rid of what’s left from the cold. The diarrhea seems to be gone so that’s a good sign. Trying to get more positive but it isn’t always easy. Still haven’t written the letter to my dad so must focus on that or it will never get done. Hope I don’t have one of those headaches because I can’t take aspirin till after the surgery.
It’s 11:15. I can’t believe how weak I’ve become. I’ve been outside for just over an hour and it’s worn me out. This can’t just be from having a cold, can it? I’ve never regained the strength I had before the accident and don’t expect I ever will but this is way worse than before I got sick. I haven’t really lifted anything heavy yet my back pain is noticeable now. Haven’t taken a pain pill for over a week now and am not anxious to start so will hold off. So I’m back inside laying down now. I suppose I should start the letter to my dad.
Cherie came home from work. She was fixing dinner and I heard her go outside. The next thing I heard was Cherie’s high pitched scream so I rushed out. She had watched Ben come out of the garage swinging Tiger’s body vigorously around like he had a prize. At first she thought it was a piece of blanket but as he pranced by she could see it was Tiger. I ran out the second I heard her scream and ran to Tiger’s body, kicking Ben out of the way. Tiger was gone. I don’t beat dogs but I beat Ben, rubbing Tiger’s body into his nose so he knew why I was so mad. I don’t know where Ben is now, he took off. This is the second cat he killed. If he comes back we will try to find a home for him. If he doesn’t that makes things easier. It’s a shame for he is a beautiful and very gentle dog, which is why we named him Ben. I feel bad now. Of course so does Cherie. Gracie just became an inside cat. What a crappy way to end the day.

Tomorrow I get the lump cut out at nine in the morning. Hope the day goes better than today did.

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