Friday, January 09, 2009

It will be a warm day

1/9/09 Friday
Good morning all. It’s a cold morning as we didn’t set a fire or have the space heater on during the night. We’ve been running it a lot lately and the electric bill will probably be pretty high. But it’s going to be a near record high temperature today. Then there's a gang of cold fronts coming through, starting tomorrow. I’m running a little slow, about a six on the bob scale.

Cherie changed the dressing on the hole in my arm. She had to really steel herself up for it as blood and stuff aren’t something she’s good at, but she did great. The cut is about an inch and a half and perhaps three quarters of an inch deep. It’s stuffed with an iodine gauze strip that is maybe a quarter of an inch wide. They managed to get about six inches of this stuff in my armpit. Cherie pulled out what was there and put about four inches of gauze in the wound. It doesn’t hurt as bad as I thought.

Yesterday I washed the sheets and blankets we have for the doghouse so today I will change that out with the dirty stuff that’s in there. I know the doc said not to lift much with the right arm but I have to do something. This crap is still in my lungs but at least my energy level is better. Unfortunately I noticed the first sign of yellow in my snot this morning so that’s an indication of infection in the sinuses. Hope that doesn’t go anywhere but away. What else can I do today? I think I’ll clean around the house to help Cherie out.

Yesterday I cremated Tiger’s body. How sad it is to see him go. Every day he would run up to me for pets when I would go into the garage. I’ll miss that. That makes four cats we’ve lost now. When, or if, we find a home for Ben I want to get some more for rodent control. In my mind I’m saying I won’t get attached but I know better. Cherie doesn’t want any more cause it breaks her heart when they are killed or just disappear. I can’t blame her.

Well, I fixed breakfast and took my medication. Time to get myself moving. I’m not sure why but my stat-counter shows me that the readership of this blog has doubled starting Monday. They don’t post comments (Hey folks, talk to me) but some have spent up to five hours reading it. Some have downloaded several of my pictures. The one I have with the old leg braces hanging on the barn wall is a favorite. These are pictures that I lost when my computer was trashed by a virus but they remain on the blog. For that I am grateful. I tried to download it yesterday but couldn’t figure out how so gave up. Maybe I’ll try again. Maybe I’ll remember to try again.
Come on, give me a break. I know I was a little slow this morning but when I went outside to do something it got real hard. Just trying to decide what to do turned into a confusing thing. Writing this is difficult. And one of those bad headaches is ramping up. I guess I’m down to a four on the bob scale. This really bites. I’m so tired of laying around being worthless. Screw it, I’m pushing through as best I can. Took some aspirin for the headache. I hear the puppies crying outside, they are getting more vocal. Suppose that’s a good sign.


Amy said...

Glad you are feeling better. You might try some echinacea for your infection, unless you are already taking an antibiotic for your arm/surgery.

I hope you get better soon. I feel blah myself, can't get motivated to clean the house, so this baby is going to be born into squalor ;-)

Tell Cherie hi for me!


Bob said...

I'm glad I'm feeling better too. Don't have any echinacea handy. Wonder how hard it is to grow. Your baby is going to be born into a loving home so don't kick yourself. At nine months pregnant you are amazing in what you do. Cherie says hi too.