Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sure got cold

The dynamic duo, Rascal and Trixie, on top of the doghouse. You can see the mesh tarp I put on top of the kennel to prevent hawks from stealing a puppy.

1/24/09 Saturday
It sure got cold. The wind was howling when I went to feed the puppies last night and I could feel a bite in it. This morning the whole house was chilly, quite a change from the last couple of days. I woke up at 4:30 and turned the space heater on so the bedroom was tolerable when we got up. Cherie got going early to beat the rush at the laundry mat in Midland. I can’t think of anything to do in Midland so she has the truck. There’s plenty to do here.

It’s bath day so I set up the space heater in the bathroom to warm it up and filled the tub. The cold water doesn’t work in the tub because it plugged up with mineral deposits long ago so we fill it with hot water and let it cool off some before getting in. You know, thinking about it there are places all around the world that have mineral baths that people flock to for some health benefit or other. Gee, I get to do that with the water from our well. Doesn’t seem to make my hair grow so that’s out as far as “health” benefits go.

I did my weekly shave (saves on razors) and am dressed warm so it’s time to get out to work. Hope I actually do something.


wife and mom said...

Bob, sorry to say I've not been a faithful reader, but whenever I come your way, your posts always touch my heart. I'm sorry things are so tough. And now I suppose you're in the midst of COLD weather. I'm south of you and the front's supposed to come through this afternoon. My husband (TBI 2-07) is doing better, but not yet as nearly capable as you are. You can see us at You've seen our blog before, but I changed the name. Blessings and stay warm.

wife and mom said...

Okay, I just spent an hour catching up with your blog, but have to go take Mark to riding therapy. I volunteer there, too, and love getting back out in the country, spending time messing with horses. I'll email some ideas I had, but had to say again how much your blog touches me. Our 13 year old daughter, seeths with anger at her dad for being here in body, but not otherwise. It's really grief, but she doesn't know that. I invited her to read some of your entries and I could see the wheels turning, see her realizing her dad isn't the only one with such hard-to-understand consequences of a brain injury. She fights my determination that life can still be of value, still be good, so your example helps there, too. Oh, but it's hard to read about the poor kitties and pups, though. Hope and pray today is a great day for you and Cherie.