Saturday, January 17, 2009

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1/17/09 Saturday
I worked for the old man yesterday. Other than that I can’t remember doing much. Oh yeah, I had a flat tire on the truck and now that I think about it I didn’t work for the old man yesterday. That’s how it goes with this memory, things sometimes get mixed up, I worked for him the day before. Cherie took off early from work to take me and the tire to get fixed. It had a roofing nail in it. I asked about used tires there and they had a couple that looked real good for thirty dollars each. They are taller than what’s on the truck now but will work. The two tires on the back of the truck are bald so must be replaced.

A few days or so ago I cut out this hole in one of the old dead lawnmowers we have to put a propane tank in so I can haul it as I burn off the weeds and sticker grass. Carrying that tank when it’s full would kill me. I hope that burning this grass with the blowtorch bought for the purpose will kill some of the sticker seeds. This is just part of the many things I must do to prepare for our next growing season. I no longer have much confidence in myself to do it all. My track record isn’t good. But I’ll try.

Hey, I'm cool!!!

You talking to ME????

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