Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Freezing rain

1/28/09 Wednesday
I was thinking about all kinds of things to write but now I can’t think of them so I’ll just start with this morning. When I went out this morning to warm up the truck in preparation to take Cherie to work, everything was iced up. Now, being from up north I’m acquainted with this so proceeded to carefully pull the door open so as not to rip the weatherstripping. As I increased the pressure to open the stubborn door the handle broke off. West Texas just turns plastic brittle and add the cold to that it just didn’t make it. There’s another hundred or so dollars we don’t have. I crawled in from the passenger side and got Cherie to work on time.

Well, we finally got some moisture. It’s good timing as I have just gotten to the point I will be able to start tilling the two acres I want to plant. If I’m lucky it will get warm and the weed seeds will all germinate. This way I’ll till them under and thus eliminate a ton of problem.

I can’t remember much of what I did yesterday but much of it will come as I think hard about it. I remember having to rush to get the trenches filled in to protect all the pipe I put in for the water system. There’s probably a quarter mile of PVC pipe in there. (That’s probably a slight exaggeration) I don’t know which day it was but remember doing it. That’s one of the weird little issues with this TBI, I can remember doing something but can’t put a time stamp on it so I don’t know if it was yesterday or last week.

So, by the way, I pressure tested the water system a day or three ago and everything held good. Looking back I see I haven’t written about working on it much. I got all the faucets glued on and lots of stuff to get it functional. It involved lots of digging as the wind and dogs filled portions of the trenches back in. I wasn’t able to locate the pipe from the well so hooked it up through a garden hose. With that I had filled the system with water so now a good freeze would crack and break everything I had done. I bought one of those lights fishermen wear on their heads and when it got dark put it on to be able to keep working. There was a frozen fog surrounding me and it kept watering up my glasses so I couldn’t see. I kept going till I got done but the last part of it I just put in enough dirt to hopefully keep the pipes from freezing. By this time my pain level was extreme but I had to finish.

What else did I do? I fixed guacamole but that didn’t turn out to good. I’ve fixed it many times but can’t remember how each time so I’m always starting from scratch. We bought what I thought I needed for the guacamole when we picked up the avocadoes. I know you use lemon to keep it green so I put a whole lemon in it. Way to much. I tasted it but the problem is my sense of taste doesn’t work to good (another TBI issue) so I wasn’t able to detect the lemon. That makes cooking an adventure and I like to cook.

Puppies are always in the news here. I looked at the camera and found it had ninety seven pictures on it. Most of them are of the puppies. They are getting out more and wandering farther so that will become a problem.

It’s 2:00. I know I need to write but I can’t stand laying in this bed typing when I know there’s lots of work to do. I’m going to take the drill with me when I pick up Cherie from work and try to drill out the lock.


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