Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Gonna have minor surgery

We went to see the surgeon. He said that he thought it was a lump of fat and could cut it out. “What do you want me to do?” he asked. I said “You’re the doctor and know more about this stuff than I ever will so I’ll accept your advice”. He sent me upstairs to have an ultrasound done to see if it was fat or what. The ultrasound guy looked and then called the head radiologist doctor. That guy said it wasn’t fat but something more solid with fat around it. When I told him what the doc just told me downstairs about it being fat and cutting it out he said “No” and thought it should be biopsied.

Great, four doctors and four opinions. The original doctor at the start of all this said he thought it was a cyst that should be drained but called in another doctor who thought it to be a swollen lymph node. Then it’s a lump of fat, then it’s not, so I was sent back to the surgeon. He said that they weren’t sure what it was but it should be removed so I’ll be having surgery Thursday. Whoopeee!!!! I’m glad Cherie’s not getting all upset and worrying about it. I told her that if God wanted me dead He would have left me dead when I had the accident and not brought me back. That’s how I feel about things anyway.


Susan B said...

Good luck to you!
My prayers are with you..you are a survivor for a reason!

Bob said...

Thanks Susan. Been looking for that reason ever since I woke up.

Amy said...

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