Friday, January 23, 2009

Still trying to figure it out

1/23/09 Friday
Still don’t know how to get the lock cylinder out. I waded through ten pages of Google results without success. There are lots of people who have the same problem. One of them described the same issue I’ll have, that is that you must be able to turn the key in order to remove the lock cylinder. I’m thinking about drilling the whole thing out. We can’t really tow it because the steering wheel will lock into place at it’s whim so I guess it will stay in the church parking lot till we figure it out. If I can’t figure it out we’ll have to find a shop that can fix it and have the car towed over there.

Getting a new, no, a different car is something we’ve already acknowledged is at the top of the list for major expenditures and we are starting to set some money to the side for that. We’re going to nurse the car till then. It saw a lot of use over the years Cherie owned it so she got her money’s worth out of it. A few months ago Cherie surprised when she said she wouldn’t mind having a pickup truck. She’s always been a little car person and wasn’t comfortable driving my truck, at least at first. I suppose she’s getting a little “Texanified” after a couple of years here. There’s certainly a lot of pickups around so I suppose there would be a good chance of finding a deal.

We found out yesterday that my glasses can’t be fixed because the metal the frames are made of won’t solder. That won’t help things but I have glasses to wear, they just are an old prescription and the women’s glasses I accidentally got from the VA. I wear those when I drive and keep them in the truck so no one will see them.

After getting Cherie to work I came home and got to work on the water system. The puppies are fat little suckers that are starting to wander around a little, venturing out of the kennel. Now that we are fixing them puppy gruel they poop like crazy. But they are cute. Cute. CUTE!!! Now I’ll have to go take a picture of them to put here. Be back in a bit.

No time but I’ll try and post before I get Cherie from work.

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