Thursday, January 22, 2009

This morning's sunrise.1/22/09 Thursday
It’s going to be eighty so I need to get out and accomplish something. I spent some time working on the water system yesterday, after finishing up a project for the old man. I will try to stay focused on that and not get distracted into doing something else. It’s time to start farming, which is going to be preparing the dirt and getting the water system set up. The list after that will be long and I need to write down a plan, a list of things needed to be done (Like ordering seeds) because otherwise nothing will get done. Time to start using the stuff they taught me at the Brain Injury Institute to compensate for this TBI. That was one of the first things they emphasized on doing, perhaps the most important but I don’t quite remember.
If I don’t do this it could be a bad year for farming. There’s a lot I didn’t “get to” last year and it sure cost us. We had vegetables rotting on the plants sometimes. I got to go. Thinking about all this is depressing and demoralizing. I want to achieve but keep getting kicked by my failures. It sure doesn’t help your confidence to doubt you are able to succeed.
I guess we are up to a galloping start. Cherie called to let me know her key won’t turn in the ignition again. You regulars will remember how this has happened many times before. The last time I had to remove the entire steering wheel shroud to get at it and decided to not put it back because it has happened so much. This time I can’t get it to work at all. It’s the final bell on this one. I glued her door latch together but the plastic is so brittle she still rolls the window down to open the door. I went online to see if I could figure out how to remove the lock cylinder. So far it’s been a bunch of sites trying to sell you something so I’ve had no luck. I couldn’t figure out how to take the damn thing apart, looks like you need special tools and stuff. I did find a price on a new lock cylinder, $119.00. That’s not cheap. Cherie’s car will have to sit in the church parking lot where she works till we can figure this out. I have to leave to pick her up from work so by.

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