Monday, March 02, 2009

Back to normal?

3/2/09 Monday
Well, it’s back to normal now. I’m not really sure what normal is and that may not be the right word to use here so…back to abnormal? No, that doesn’t work either. I know! Back to the race to get things done with this farm so I can at least get something planted. That is a big challenge for me.

Beau got here about 4:00 and stayed till 6:30. We talked a lot about the range of stories that our lives present to help him figure out what to focus on. He looks a lot younger in person than he does on TV but is a sharp kid. I’m sure he’ll love me calling him a “kid”. I was fairly sharp and lucid, for which I’m grateful. Beau said I “interview good”. We were surprised when he said the story would air at ten o’clock that night as there was a whole lot of video he took and would have to whittle down to about a minute and half. Of course we anxiously waited for the ten o’clock hour to watch the program. He did a great job of squeezing the essence of the story into that short time slot. Thank you Beau (am I spelling that right?) for doing a great story on us. We wonder what will come of this but it can’t help but help. I told him he should keep an eye on us for we have great dreams and plans for this farm and shared some of those hopes with him.

He interviewed Cherie outside for a change of scenery from my interview. When we came in he left the portable microphone that you clip on your shirt outside. When he mentioned that my response was “I hope the dogs didn’t get it”. One of them had and dragged it around but fortunately it wasn’t trashed. That was a relief.

Today I’ve a big list of things to do. One of the benefits of Beau coming over was a lot of stuff got cleaned up and it sure looks better. I’m going to take a section of fence down to continue that but then it’s back to what’s important, making this a working farm. There is no question that I’ll be losing the disability now that Cherie is working full time so making this an income producing property is vitally important. Besides I have no intention of staying on disability anyway. That’s just not me. It’s said that “Pride goes before a fall” but I don’t feel that means one should not have any pride or that pride is a bad thing. There is a point where pride becomes a form of contempt for others who don’t “measure up” to the achievements or ability of the proud one. And there’s the issue of what you’re proud of. If it’s “I look better than that other person’’ then what a shallow thing that is. For me pride has to do with overcoming those obstacles and challenges that lie before us, beating out this thing they call a disability and doing what some say can’t be done. Instead of “Look at me, I’m so good” I desire to be an inspiration for others who also face difficulties in life. Fact is there are tens of thousands who overcome way more than I and I look to them for inspiration.

So it’s off to work folks. Love to chat and get all philosophical on you but that doesn’t get the work done. See ya. If I can figure out how I’ll put the story on You Tube or someplace you can see it. I haven’t checked yet but it probably is on channel seven’s website. I think the address is CBS7 or something but I’ll look it up for you. It's Go to the news section and look through the list to find the story
I had a slowdown at around noon. Haven’t had one for a while so it surprised me. I came in and fixed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and laid down. These things tire me out pretty bad. Still pretty slow, running a five on the bob scale. I can tell by how hard it is to write this.

Fran, a friend who knew both Cherie and I during our first marriage called this morning. We talked for a while about God and the world. Fran and his wife were active in the church Cherie and I were involved with back then. I wish I felt better to write about this. Perhaps I should take a nap. That usually revitalizes.


Anonymous said...

I recorded the segment last night and will put it on a dvd for you and Cherie. You both did an excellent job!!! Proud of you both. love, Jen

Anonymous said...

Thats great that Jen recorded it! I sent to Simon the transcript of it that was on the website. Either way you will have a record of it all!
Don't work too hard!
Love, Vickie Benjamin