Saturday, March 28, 2009

Check came

3/28/09 Saturday
Don’t know if it froze or not last night. Will go see in a bit. Regardless it’s cold this morning and we kept a fire going all night. I’m pretty much out of firewood now so need to start collecting already for next winter. Hopefully we’re done with freezes now but you never know.

Tommie and Jamie were supposed to come over and do some work this morning but he was called in to work at his regular job so they won’t make it. We do want to make sure the car title is transferred to their name so hopefully can do that today. Their not coming over changes our plans a bit. Cherie and I may go to Aldredge nursery to check out plants for both the garden and front yard.

I was going to write about not getting the pipeline check but Cherie just checked the account and it’s there. Whoopee!!! Wish we’d known that yesterday because we would have been driving to Brownwood to get the tractor by now. I’ll call the old man and see if I can borrow his trailer to haul it with. Then I need to call Tonya, the lady with the tractor, and let her know along with getting directions to her house. I’m sure she’ll be glad to hear we got the money.

So we’re really not sure what’s going on today now. I’ll start with making calls now to determine if we drive to Brownwood today or later. Be back in a bit.
Cool, talked to Tonya and she said “Come down anytime you want” about getting the tractor. The old man said his trailer would be available at 1:00 so we’ll try to head out about then. This is an exciting forward step for us in building this farm but time will tell whether or not it’s a good decision. You just never know for sure about any used equipment until it’s in your hands. That’s when any problems become apparent, but I’m not really worried. Tonya is aware that we haven’t examined the tractor yet and the possibility exists we won’t buy it but I don’t think that will happen. It's a two and a half hour or so drive so we'll be gone a while.

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Amy said...

Congratulations Bob! I'll be praying for your safe trip and for the tractor.