Sunday, March 01, 2009

Cleaning for the news

3/1/09 Sunday
Unless some big news story breaks channel 7 (CBS) will come out here at 3:00 or so. We’ve been working hard to get things cleaned up, so it doesn’t look to awful bad, since yesterday and are back at it this morning. I suppose that if we had company over more often this place would always…Nah, it’s a farm and will always have stuff laying about, especially with me forgetting to follow through on projects. My pain level is pretty high from all the work I put in yesterday, not only picking up for the news crew but preparing the ground for planting.

We’ve been wondering what they will focus on for the news article. There are so many stories here. Our miraculous reunion and love story is one, surviving multiple severe brain injuries another. Then there is the help and love we received from the Christian community we were blessed to find in Midland, and I think the reviving of the old family farm is one too. I came in to rest the back a little but can’t dally so must get back out there. Cherie’s been pushing through as well despite her ankle hurting so bad. If someone happened to see us both hobbling around they would think we’re both in our 80’s or something. I hope I’m not too worn out when they get here. 2:00 is when I often take a nap because of the mental fatigue thing that comes with this TBI. Clarity of mind is what I pray for today, to not get easily confused or lost in the conversation. I think I told the reporter that it would be nice to sit and talk a little so I can relax and have a good idea of what he wants to talk about. That will help me prepare and function better. Just had Cherie review this to insure I didn’t say something wrong, as I often do anymore, and it passes so now I’ll post it and get back to work.

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