Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It got cold

Last night's sunset

3/11/09 Wednesday
Well it didn’t rain this morning like the weatherman predicted but it sure is cold. I’ve started a fire in our woodstove for the first time in…I don’t know, weeks or a month ago. Our electric bill was lower this month due to not running fans to circulate the heat through the house. They said it should rain this afternoon but we’ll see. The whole weather report has changed, as it often does out here in West Texas, with temperatures now predicted to be well below freezing.

Last night I put on the fisherman’s headlight I bought for this purpose and raked the rye seed under till midnight. I wanted to stay out longer as there was a ton of seed I’d sowed with my fertilizer spreader, that needed to get done, otherwise I’ve just wasted all the time and money spent. But I wore out and the pain level climbed way up there. I’m in much better physical shape than when we first moved here so that helps. Back then I had chairs stationed strategically everywhere so I could sit down, rest, and let the pain subside. Last night I took one out to where I was working for that purpose.

I’ll dress warm and get back on it today. Yesterday I drove to the co-op to buy two hundred more pounds of seed but I got there eight minutes after they closed. I think I’ll run out there this morning and get it. Then it’s going to be a push to get it sowed and raked under. Hell I still need to finish what’s already sowed. Odds are I’ll be out in the rain before it’s done. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. How I look forward to getting a tractor at times like this.

I just realized that the plants we got from Henry Fields need to be brought in or they will freeze. I was going to plant them. Don’t know what I was thinking. I guess that with all the eighty and ninety degree days I thought winter was over. Don’t always think things through. No harm done but it was close. It’s a shame that the greenhouse isn’t usable for this because several panels were blown out by our West Texas winds. We are pretty lucky that the whole greenhouse wasn’t demolished. I had to reinforce it the best I could as some of the structural parts have broken.

Still haven’t laid out the garden plots or even started on creating the rows and hills I plan on making with lots of the horse poop compost I’ve been making all winter. My plans may be beyond my ability to achieve but I’ll sure give it a try. Times a wasting. Got too much to do to lay here in this warm bed and write this. Oh, just remembered that I need to cut and split some more firewood as we are in for several days of cold. See ya latter.
Every now and then I figure something out. It started raining at around ten and has been a steady drizzle since then. I went to the co-op and bought two hundred pounds of rye. They were out of the Elbon rye that I’ve been using so I got some other kind. The kid behind the counter was suggesting all kinds of different seeds used for hay, forage, and whatever else when I asked about winter wheat, which they also were out of. I didn’t have a clue about any of it so stuck with the rye.

So getting back I got the fertilizer spreader out and started sowing the rye. That would be after I got the rain poncho I had in the truck for emergencies and a knit hat to keep dry and warm. I also got a visor thing that Cherie had to keep the rain off my glasses. What a combo that is. When Cherie gets home I’ll try and remember to have her take a picture. That won’t be till late as Wednesday is her day out. She goes to a class called the “Truth Project” that is with our Sunday school class and I think it’s when she goes to the caregiver support group. After putting fifty pounds of rye on the ground I decided to start raking it under. That way I could alternate between sowing and raking, thus giving me breaks from the painful raking. It only took seconds for me to figure out that wet dirt weighs a heck of a lot more than dry and is harder to move around. As I raked it dawned on me that the tiller is adjustable to where it will only touch the top inch or two of soil. DUH!!! So I got it out and gave it a try. It’s not only easier on my back but much quicker too. Plus it takes out the weeds that are starting to grow everywhere where the rake would just go over them. Sure wish I’d figured this out earlier.

I’m soaking wet from the thighs down where the poncho doesn’t cover and the work gloves are soaked too. That sure is cold, especially on the hands. The other day we were at Tractor Supply and they had a bucket full of insulated work gloves that were on clearance because it’s the end of the cold season. Cherie asked if I wanted a pair because they were so cheap but I declined thinking that it’s going to be warm. Sure wish I’d listened to her. I came in to get the warm gloves I have and take a break. They aren’t work gloves so probably won’t fair well out there but they are warm. Not being waterproof it won’t take long for them to get wet but even then they will be warmer than what I have now. Got to get back to the wet and cold and wave to the people driving by who are probably sure I’m crazy. I’m keeping Rascal and Trixie inside. They want to be out there with me but I don’t want to deal with wet dogs getting on the bed and furniture in the house. Got a load of firewood in so it’s cozy warm now.

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