Monday, March 09, 2009

Cherie's doing better

A recent sunset

3/9/09 Monday
Cherie is doing much better now. Whatever she had took a lot out of her. Despite that she kept trying to get things done saying “This is my time to catch up”. She would get up and do some stuff but soon she would say “I’m going to lay down now”. When she would it wouldn’t take long for her to fall asleep. I did my best to not disturb her and look after her needs. Last night she finally was able to eat some solid food instead of the yogurt I’d gone to the store and bought. She was up early this morning to bake cookies for the Kairos (I think that’s how it’s spelled) prison ministry our church is involved in. We were going to take them to Sunday school but never made it to church. I need to call her and ask if I should deliver them today. Best do that now before I forget.

Just look at all the stickers on the tiller tire. The bottoms of my shoes look the same way when I walk out in the fields.

I busted my butt yesterday. Changed the oil on the truck and while underneath it looked at the U-joint that I think is making noise. Couldn’t tell if anything was wrong with it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s OK. Then I sowed and raked rye seed. The weatherman said it’s supposed to rain Wednesday so I’m going to get as much sowed as I possibly can. If the old man calls I’ll tell him that unless it’s important I’d like to focus on working on the farm. It looks like the crew that was camping at the old store has moved on so that will be available for the farmer’s market I want to start. That means there will be a lot of work to do there to prepare for it. I wish there was two of me cause I can’t seem to keep up. We haven’t heard anything about the pipeline deal yet. Hope it works out but if it doesn’t I’m not going to worry about it. What will be will be and I am learning to be content.

Here's 7,500 feet of drip tape that we ordered. It's a couple of hundred dollar investment that should make a dramatic difference in my growing efforts. But first I've got to get it installed.

Time’s a wasting so got to go.
I came in to take a pain pill and rest thinking it was around 12:00, it’s 1:00. My how time flies when your working. As I worked my mind returned to the problems we had at the Stanton church and it always makes me sad. I wonder what happened, what those involved were thinking, what they think of us now. I wonder what they say, what the gossip was or is. Part of me wants to confront them and ask but part of me says “leave it alone”. It will bother me till I deal with it.

The blisters on my hand are turning into calluses. There’s a pain on my left foot that feels like another blister so I’ll take a look at it while I’m in the house. Best do it now, otherwise I’ll go back to work and ignore the pain. If it’s a blister I need to cover it or it’ll burst and could get infected. Don’t have time for that. Too much to do. Hope I don’t get what Cherie had for the same reason.

We found two ticks on Ginger. You can bet the other dogs have ticks as well so we need to deal with it. Rascal and Trixie we can take to the dog wash place Janie turned us onto, along with Ginger. Ben I can get into the truck to take to the dog wash as well but Gretchen is another matter. Her fear of everything human could make it real hard to do. I’ll have to stop at Pet Smart when I go shopping to see what they have for ticks. Just read about the guy who shot and killed the pastor in Illinois. It’s reported that he has Lime disease and it left lesions on the brain contributing to his being diagnosed as mentally ill. Considering Lime disease is spread by ticks I don’t want to play around. We thought Ginger was scheduled to go to the vet for her shots today but when I called I learned it was not so.

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