Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rain's stopped

3/14/09 Saturday
The rain’s stopped and it’s starting to warm up. I went to dig up some old fence posts thinking that the ground would be softened by the water. I was disappointed to find that only the top five inches was wet and under that the ground was dry and rock hard. No problem, I’ll use the hose to fill the holes I started up. Once that soaks in it will be much easier to do. I finally finished the letter to my dad. I’m going to print up some the old pictures I have of him back when he was training to be a fighter pilot and include them with the letter. Larry said he wanted them back after learning they were in my mother’s possessions. I told Larry I’d be happy to do it if my dad would ask me himself. Hope this will help soften dad up a little.

I still have a hundred and fifty pounds of seed to sow and will rake it in by hand unless I get the tiller running. They are predicting seventy degree sunny weather for the next few days so I certainly want to take advantage of that. Our seeds came in and many of them are the types of plants that can endure a night or two of freezing temperatures so I sure want to get them in the ground. There is so much to do that it would be nice to access the pipeline payment so I could pay for some help. The old man said he had some work he needed help with so that will help. We are going into town in a few minutes to get some things done so see ya later.

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