Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Staying on track

Another shot of Monday's spectacular sunset.

3/25/09 Wednesday
I’m going to run into town (Midland) this morning because I was supposed to poop scoop and work on fixing Genelle’s sprinkler system yesterday. I was so happy to stay focused on building the fence around our veranda that I didn’t want to quit so didn’t take care of those things. I try to be responsible and keep my promises so will get on it this morning before I get distracted and nothing happens. Called Genelle to let her know I’d be there so I’m good to go.

Working on the fence went well with me making adjustments in the plans as I progressed. That’s normal for me because there are always unforeseen things that come up and I often don’t “foresee” lots of stuff. But it looks good and more importantly, Cherie likes it. There’s only a little left to do so I hope to finish it up today. Once that’s done I can finish sealing the lawn area off so the dogs can’t get in and will plant the buffalo grass. I know that the odds are the dogs will find a way in but we’ll discourage it. I’m excited that we may end up with a front yard that is more than just sand dug up by dogs. We’ll keep it fenced off for the whole year to help the grass get established. Yesterday was a good day and it felt great to be able to stay on task and accomplish something. That means that not much else got done but that’s ok.

It was a pain pill morning. I guess working on the fence strained the back despite not having to pick up something heavy. That’s how it is though. Standing at a kitchen counter to wash dishes hurts more than moving those railroad ties. Well, almost, those railroad ties did let me know I shouldn’t have lifted them. It’s not the weight that gets me, it’s bending over and posture that hits the pain nerves. As long as I can stand tall and straight I’m fine.

Time’s a’waistin so got to go.


Amy said...

I like the fence Bob, it looks good!

Bob said...

Just wait. You ain't seen nothin yet. There's thoughts of putting up a latticework all the way around and allowing the morning glory vines to climb to the top.