Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lots of good news

This morning's sunrise. Looks like it's time to get a new flag. I'm going to see if I can find one that isn't made in China. It just kinda grates to buy an American flag made somewhere else. With that check coming in I'll see if I can get one that is made a bit heavier to survive this West Texas wind.

3/19/09 Thursday
I did sleep well last night but sure had a hard time waking up this morning. Worked out in the farm/garden till about eight last night. That sure can take a lot out of you when the temperature is in the upper eighty’s. I’ve got to make another gallon of tea as I pretty much drank it all yesterday. This feeling hunger thing is sure inconvenient. I liked it better when I didn’t have that gnawing feeling in my gut. But it’s a good sign as far as this brain continuing to repair itself, even after eight years. It used to be believed that brain damage was permanent and there was little hope of this kind of recovery but we now know that’s not true. I still have the “black holes” in my brain where the tissue was destroyed but other areas of the brain have taken over the functions that had been performed by them. I don’t get as confused as easily as I did before but it still happens. A lot of the reason it’s not such a problem is the life we have here on this farm. Things are familiar here and routines were developed that reduce the stress and help me get things done. Cherie is probably the biggest help as she understands how to work with my issues. My anger is still there along with the paranoia I have, thinking some talk disparagingly about me. I’m real secure about that with our church family and friends in Midland but am pretty sure the first church of Stanton folks have little good to say about me in their conversations with each other. I really need to address that so my soul can rest in that area. Two of our good friends talked to me about forgiving them but that’s hard to do. Part of my reasoning is that I can forgive a murderer but still don’t want him to keep murdering so if I can do something to stop that I should.

This morning a guy from the pipeline company called to see when a good time to pick up the contract would be. He should be here this morning. I suppose I should comb all five of the hairs on top of my head to look good. Best do it now as he’s going to be here soon. Be back in a sec.

There, I look all pretty now. I need a haircut so need to schedule with Cherie for her to do that. She’s gotten quite good at it.

Now that the rye is all in the ground I can get moving on the other tasks that need to get done, like mark out the plots and get seed started and in the ground. Damn, I’m hungry so should fix breakfast. This getting hungry thing might take some getting used to. I suppose it means I’ll start eating more and will be gaining weight. Nah, I’ll work it off.

Joe, the guy who does legwork for Rusty (That’s how he put it) just came by to pick up the contract. What a nice guy. He’s seen the story channel seven ran on us. That really helps others…uhm…how do I put it? I guess it helps others understand us and with Joe it impressed him with who we are and what we’ve been through. And it opens doors to their hearts? I really don’t know how to say it, that might be wrong but don’t know. That is one of the reasons I have Cherie check what I write to insure I don’t say something offensive. Joe said that if we needed anything to give him a call. I told him how we are working on building this farm with not a whole lot of resources and that the pipeline check will enable us to buy a tractor. He knows some old farmers who have lots of stuff sitting around getting rusty that he will check with to see if they want to get rid of it and he will ask a friend in the water well business if he has an old used pressure tank for our well. Joe said something about how God is working in our lives. I can’t argue against that. I told him how things come together in such amazing ways with us and have ever since I woke from the coma. “God’s got something in mind for us. I just don’t know what” I told him. Fact is this pipeline deal and perhaps even meeting him are just the latest examples of that.

Suzie called. For the many new readers we’ve gained, she’s the daughter of my former secretary, who was killed by a heroin addict last year. Things are going much better for them up there in Toledo’s desperate economy. Her two teenage daughters just got kicked out of school again but despite that are doing well. The oldest is involved with community work in the area and has a job. Samantha, the youngest, hasn’t gotten in any fights for a while so that’s an improvement. She’s a tuff little girl but has to be, going to a tough inner city school. Suzie finally has a good vehicle to drive, a mini van they got a steal of a deal on.

I also got ahold of my good friend Allen. He too is doing better. After finally getting accepted by the doctor who specializes in chronic pain management Allen said it’s like he has his life back. He’s able to get out and do things and doesn’t sit isolated and depressed in his basement house like he’d done for several years. It was good to hear him being positive and looking forward to life.

So there’s good news everywhere today. I suppose that I might be more upbeat and positive as well and the depression I fight has faded. Time to get out there and get things done. See ya next time.

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