Friday, March 06, 2009

Woke up early

3/6/09 Friday
I think I got a lot done yesterday but don’t remember for sure. This morning I woke up early and am more clear headed than usual, an eight or nine on the bob scale. We had a charge show up on our farm account that we don’t remember making. Cherie had just placed an order with the company, which provides seed and garden products, but not the one that showed on our bank account. She will call them from work to see what’s going on. Hopefully we didn’t have our account information stolen again. I had Cherie run the spyware program and there was a Trojan on her computer. Not good. I think we must go ahead and pay the extra money to get an updated spyware program for her computer. We put Spysweeper on my computer after it crashed from a virus so I can upgrade that to cover hers’ as well.

That’s it for now. I’m debating going out and doing some physical work or staying in and taking advantage of this time of clarity to work on the business plan. The physical work wins out because of how far behind I am. There is so much to do just to get seeds in the ground and I should have had lots of stuff started by now. Setting up the seed starting stuff is high on the list as well as getting the garden plots marked out and prepared for planting. A big part of that is putting the drip irrigation stuff in.

Time to go. Those of you who pray, please lift up our good friend Janie, who’s brother had a heart attack yesterday and was undergoing lots of surgery to unclog arteries and stuff.


Don Schneider said...

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Amy said...

make sure you protest the charge...this happens to me frequently, and I am always able to get it reversed. Congratulations on getting so much done, it's a good feeling!