Monday, March 16, 2009

Start of a wonderful day

Isn't she just pleased with herself? "But dad, I'm having such a good time"

3/16/09 Monday
It’s the start of a wonderful day, going to be sunny and hit 80 degrees. I ran that tiller till eleven last night, coming in several times to let the back pain relax. Finally I just wore out and came in. I am almost done tilling in all the rye seed. When I finish that I can get on the task of preparing beds for the seeds we ordered. I was to work for the old man but thought that I’d spend the morning chasing down the bank draft problems so called him to let him know I wouldn’t be there. I felt much better when he told me he had other plans before I could let him know. Steve said he would prefer to handle the whole bank draft thing so that frees me up to work around here. Love it when things work out.

I called the lady in Brownsville, who has the tractor we are interested in, to let her know things were delayed. She said not to worry, she wasn’t going to run another Craig’s list ad or put one in the local paper so there was no rush. Another blessing as we don’t have to worry about missing that potential great find.

"Oh man! Another picture? I wanna go play"

Last night I heard Cherie laughing hysterically back in the office so went back to see what was up. She had gone back to April of last year and saw these two pictures of Rascal and Trixie. She reminded me of how they had been running through the wet rye and gotten wet. One of the things I’ve recently discovered is that all the pictures I’ve put on this blog are stored at Picasa Web Albums, under the name “bobcarver”. It was great to find as many, if not most of them were lost on my computer when it crashed. There are over two thousand pictures and it was quite a delight to peruse through them. It’s easy to do quickly because of how they are presented. I hate to say it but I was impressed with myself when I went through them. The nice thing about memory loss is most of them were new to me, or at least fresh. Plus each one is a key that helps unlock those memories. I was thinking the other day that everyone should do this, as in keep a journal with pictures, for we all have memory problems and regardless it’s nice to see these things years later. As we all age these memories become more important and often are things we can pass on to those we love and leave behind when we leave this life and go the next one.

Times a'wastin and I’ve got work to do so bye now.
After learning in our Bible life (Sunday school) class that someone had just thrown out a nearly new pressure tank that we could use I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of the things we could use in case someone has one or more of the items laying around. You know how it is, one mans garbage is another man’s treasure. So here’s a partial list. I’m sure there’s other stuff and that Cherie could add to this but here’s what I can think of off the bat.

A pressure tank (The kind used on water wells)
Cable and wire for use in building trellises
Tall fence posts, also for trellises
Two to five horse electric motor for my compressor
Pulley for the compressor. Someone said they are called a shiv or something like that
A trailer of any kind would be useful around here
Wheelbarrow. The one we have I wore out
I could use a cement mixer
An old chipper/shredder would find lots of use.
I can fix things (sometimes) so it doesn’t have to work necessarily.
That’s a short list for now.

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