Friday, March 13, 2009

Every day is Valentines day

I check my statcounter program regularly because it tells me who visits the blog and what they look at. In fact it tells me a whole lot more than that. There are tons of pictures that folks are downloading. That’s flattering I think, that folks like them enough to download them. I was surprised to see how many people have been visiting the April, 2007 section of the blog so went back there to look. There’s a picture of a thunderhead at the top. It’s fascinating to me to read what I wrote back when. Partly because I don’t remember most of it till I read it again. Not sure what caused such activity in that part of the blog but it’s interesting to see. Then I chased another path where someone visited the December 2005 section. That was when my grandmother died so it told of our hurried trip to Texas for her funeral. Reading that brought up all kinds of stuff in me. Even reading about life in Toledo before her death was something else. It shows how bad a shape I was in and also how much better I am now. I am grateful for the mercies of God that allowed me to recover so well. There is no question I am blessed though I don’t have a clue why. Damn sure don’t deserve it. What I do know is that every day I wake up and see Cherie I am amazed, just blown away. We love each other so much and need each other so much. Every day is valentines day here. It’s late so we are going to crash. Night all.

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