Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tiller died again

Well that was short lived. After making that last entry I went out and started up the tiller, excited that I now had the means to achieve a goal. Ten minutes later the tiller started stalling and coughing like it had before and soon it wouldn’t start. Pushing that heavy machine back to the garage through the mud was tough to say the least. I almost gave up but I don’t do that. Back in the garage I pulled the air filter cover as that was the source of the problem last time. Sure enough, sand had crept past the filter into the carburetor despite how careful I was at installing it. Crap. I cleaned it up and got it running again but two minutes later it died. That’s it. I’m soaking wet, the sleeves of my Carhart coat that weren’t covered by the poncho have soaked through till the sleeves of my shirt are wet. My boots are soaked so bad I could wring out my socks, and the rain is starting to freeze. I don’t mind as I pride myself in being able and willing to endure much more than the average person to accomplish what I need but now the means to do that is broken again. Like I said before “Crap”. So I’m tired, discouraged, and depressed. I took all my wet clothes off and put them by the fire along with my boots to dry and crawled under the covers.

Cherie decided not to attend her events because of the weather so came home. She has driven front wheel drive cars most of her life so I need to give her some pointers on driving her pickup truck on icy roads. I love her and don’t want anything to happen and know this is a wise thing to do. Cherie’s going to fix something for dinner and after that there is a good chance that I will fall asleep as I’m exhausted. I guess tomorrow I’ll take the carburetor apart again and try to get the tiller running. I’ve still got one hundred and fifty pounds of seed to sow and haven’t covered over what I sowed this morning.

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