Thursday, March 12, 2009

The hand of God

I carved this in St Louis shortly after I woke from the coma. (Click to enlarge)

3/12/09 Thursday
It’s a cold icy morning. I suppose I’ll be taking the tillers carburetor apart again. When I put it back on I’ll put grease around the edge of the air filter to help insure it doesn’t leak again. Sure hope that works. Then I plan on getting back out there to hopefully finish sowing the rye seed. Right now there’s no freezing rain coming down so that’s good. There’s still a couple of days predicted to be freezing cold with a possibility of rain tomorrow so I need to cut some more firewood. At some point I have to get on making the rows for the plants and building trellises.

I’m having a hard time writing this, having to search for words and figuring out how to say what I want to say. That tells me I’m slow this morning. Didn’t sleep well last night so am real tired. Running a five or so on the bob scale. Remember it’s a one to ten scale with seven being my average.

Here’s some good news. The contract and check for the pipeline came in the mail yesterday. What a relief that will be. What a blessing. Remember what I wrote a few weeks ago? About how we need a tractor so watch because the means will materialize? This constantly amazes us. When we look back over the years we’ve been together (I think it’s been five but can’t remember for sure) it’s an incredible story of things coming together out of the blue. That started with the miracle of Cherie and I being reunited and continued from there. Cherie says there is no question that it’s God, that His hand is on us. The list of blessings is long and one of these days I should sit down and list them. We are so grateful to the good people we’ve found, who share in the continuing miracle of our life. It’s sad that some here locally chose not to do that and to judge us poorly but that’s their loss. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not so much the things others do to help us, it’s having friends we can share with, people we can tell “Look what God did”. Friends who can see these wonderful things and be happy we are blessed, just like watching a child open a present with ecstatic joy at seeing what’s inside. And they help us during the difficult moments, not with material things so much as just being there to encourage us. It’s a wonderful life but there are always hard moments. How good it is to be asked “How are you doing” by folks who care and really want to know. Not just say it as they walk by and not waiting for an answer. Let me get off that subject and stay away from the sadness that comes with rejection of those we reached out to. That’s another miracle you know, how we were led to those who care and have become family.

I suppose I should put some warm clothes on and get to work so got to go.
I decided not to go outside right now. There are many things I’ve been putting off that need doing. One of the big ones is the letter to my dad that I was going to write after Christmas. It got forgotten like everything else and when I’d think about it would be forgotten before I could get to it. I had started to write it but struggled to find words, worrying about saying something he would take offence to, thus shutting a door that may or may not be open. Then my computer crashed and it was lost along with everything else. Then there is the business plan. With all the incentives that are available now due to the recession and stimulus package there is an urgency to get it done and take advantage of the millions available. What I need to start doing is working on this stuff in the morning when I’m fresh and before that mental fatigue thing sets in. By the end of the day I’m not very sharp. But some mornings I’m not too sharp either. Am doing much better than a couple of hours ago.
managed to get the tiller carburetor off and cleaned in just an hour or two. Unfortunately it didn’t solve the problem. This is real frustrating to say the least.


Anita said...

Thats a great carving. Such detail!

Bob said...

Thanks Anita. I am grateful that one of the gifts I didn't lose with the brain injury was my artistic abilities.