Friday, May 14, 2010

And the Rain came

And the rains came and rain it did. I got most of the rain catching buckets filled. Some didn’t do as well as others due to poor placement under the roof or something. This blew in fairly fast but with plenty of warning. There was some hail and that greatly affects the outside dogs. There is little question that both Ben and Gretchen have been exposed to some nasty hail during their life as strays for when you hear the first “Bang” as hail stones hit there is instant panic. Yesterday, I think, there was some hail dropping and when I opened the door to go in the house both Ben and Gretchen rushed in between my legs. That caught us by surprise for both of them know they don’t come in the house but their fear of the hail was palpable and…well, you should have seen the looks they gave us, with those big eyes saying “You’re not going to throw us out are you? Please, please, don’t throw us out in that storm!”. So they stayed till the hail stopped. I had a hard time coaxing them outside and they only did to follow Rascal and Trixie out.

With this storm I went out to comfort them. They wanted in the house again but I didn’t allow it. They huddled together at the office door, the farthest point from anywhere the hail could be, so I gave them lots of pets and hugs. Oh, they loved it and clung to me, whining when I left them to come in.

There wasn’t much hail, mostly rain, but that came down plenty fast. There was a lot of close lightening so I turned the power off to the Mac and our new printer. Would hate to lose either one of them, but especially the Mac. I really had a hard time making use of the inside time, couldn’t quite come to a decision on what to tackle. I sure could use a secretary. Spent over a decade with that kind of assistance and sure got a lot accomplished. I’ve always had a brain injury, in fact I have had multiple injuries dating all the way back to when I was a baby. There are seven separate events I can identify in my life that had high likelihoods of or absolutely did cause traumatic brain injuries. So I built my companies twice (That’s another story. I lost both of them due to being jailed and then started them up from scratch again three years later) despite a damaged mind. A big help was having a secretary, whose job was to remind me what I was supposed to be doing and when, along with being my memory, telling me who it was that walked in the office because I couldn’t recognize them.

One of the reasons I feel pressed to get things done is the sticker grass. I was going to write about it earlier but just found the pictures. The reason for the urgency is that each one of these stickers is a seed and they are all making stickers at once as quick as they can. So the battle is on. This is a war I bought the tractor for so now have resources to battle with. I know I’ll always have sticker grass but this year I want to get ahead of it. So I’m disking EVERYTHING the tractor will reach and have sharpened the hoe for all the places I can’t get to. Plus I must run the tiller extensively to catch the back yard and other areas the tractor isn’t good for. The problem is I’m already late so any stickers that get tilled under are essentially planted and will come up. I must now wait till the ground dries out some but perhaps the hoe work can be done, now that it’s stopped raining.

Here's cilantro in our herb garden that's blown over.

It’s a good thing I didn’t get the Bermuda seed out because this would have washed it all away, just like last time. So being behind was a blessing. It’s still raining and lightening out. There was a short break where I could go out and take pictures. I was all set to head out there and get to work after writing in the blog when the rain started back up. I’ll go online and look at the radar.

Yep, there’s lots more weather coming. I can see the line of storms coming on News West 9’s weather website. That’s technology for you, live weather radar on screen at your house. I need to buy a rain coat. Been wanting to for months but forgot as always.

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Amy said...

I watched a movie the other night that made me thing about you Bob. It was called "Faith Like Potatoes". It is by the same people who put out the "Fireproof" movie, if you are aware or familiar with it. If you can find it to rent, or borrow it would be a good movie. It is about a Farmer/Preacher in South Africa.