Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's official, the Massey died

It’s official, the Massey Ferguson tractor has died. It appears that one of the gears in the rear end has stripped out. Despite it’s many shortcomings (Not going into reverse when warmed up) it was a valuable tool. The front end loader did much more than move dirt. I use it to lift and move heavy objects, like the disk I’m working on, and the telephone poles I get for free and plan on using to build my barn, chicken coop, as well as fencing. Right now I have the disk I bought from Skyler flipped over to work on it and have no idea how I will be able to put it right side up again. The front end loader and hydraulics, along with the PTO still all work on it but the tractor won’t roll forwards or backwards now so it’s stuck right where it stopped. Not a very convenient spot at all. I suppose I could winch it onto the trailer and take it someplace to get worked on but odds are you can’t get parts for a 1959 Massey anyway. Besides that we’re back to being broke so even if I could there’s no money for it. So it’s another set back for Westbrook Farms. No big deal, just makes life a little harder. We are blessed and grateful to have the John Deere tractor and that has been running great, other than half the bolts on one wheel mysteriously disappearing one night. All the rest of the bolts were loose. It made me wonder. Did they all just work loose? Or was there some vindictive tampering going on. I don’t know but am learning to keep an eye out. Bolts do loosen and I suppose that with farm equipment that is worked hard you must check on them.

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