Sunday, May 16, 2010

Been sick and didn't know it

5/16/10 Sunday
For two days, Friday and Saturday, I’ve struggled to get motivated. Talked about a melancholy heaviness and figured I was fighting off another batch of depression. Yesterday I walked outside six times, intent on doing something, anything, but with one exception I would come back inside. I did manage to hoe and pull weeds on the front yard. After spending all night wide awake or having some unpleasant dreams, and burning up under the covers or freezing when I got out I had to make a quick trip to the bathroom. Come to find out I’m running a fever so I now understand that I’m fighting off some kind of bug and have been for days now. With it my back pain is pronounced. I heard about aches and pains with flues and other ailments so guess that’s to be expected. So it’s time to drink plenty of liquids, take some vitamins, and help my body overcome this. We were planning on visiting a different church that we’ve been invited to today but might not go anywhere. It’s not nice to share your illness and a heck of a way to introduce yourself.
Moving these railroad ties by myself will come with a price. But as always I do the best I can with what I've got.

This adds to the frustration of having so much to do and not doing it. This inability to complete tasks has cost me dear in the past and will continue to do so. Regardless of how I feel I must take advantage of the wet soil. That requires raking areas tilled flat, tilling more areas while the dirt is soft, and spreading Bermuda seed on all the areas I want grass to grow. Plus I need to plant blackeyed peas and other crops. I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time now but never did. Looks like I need to visit the bathroom again. It’s going to be so much fun today. Ha Ha Ha. (Sardonic laugh)

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