Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A nice cool morning

5/18/10 Tuesday
It’s a nice cool morning but the humidity is high, probably in the nineties range. It won’t take long to warm up to the predicted 87 degrees and the rest of the week will be in the mid 90’s. I’ve been out with the roller pressing the Bermuda seed I sowed till it was to dark to see last night into the ground. You can regulate the weight of the roller by how much water you put in it. I put plenty of water in so pushing and pulling that thing already has be soaking wet from sweat despite how cool it is. Part of that may be residuals left from the fever I had.

There is still lots of areas I wish to sow Bermuda on. Here’s a picture to show how I prepared it to spread with the fertilizer broadcast type spreader. The Bermuda seed is small, about the size of a grain of sand so in order to help spread it more evenly I mixed it with sand in the cement mixer. I had this in mind when I bought the mixer though mixing cement is in the plans somewhere in the future. I read something about “inoculating” seed with a cement mixer. I know I read all about what inoculating seed entails but can’t remember any of it. That’s unfortunately the way it is and has been since I woke up from the coma. I research and learn and then must go and learn it all over again because it all vanished from my mind.

So there’s work to do and hot weather on the way. We’ll pray for a gentle rain to help all this seed germinate because there is so much salt and chlorides in the well water we dare not water it. That would essentially kill the seed and waste all the work I’ve done.
10:40 – I finished rolling where the apple orchard once was. That was a short lived venture as all but one of the trees were killed by gophers and whatever other elements were at work. That lone tree still clings to life so we will do what we can for it. I went to start preparing the next area I wish to have grass on, the ridge along which the wind break trees are planted, but found myself weak and light headed. Walking is a chore at the moment, something I must do with care as I seem to be unsteady on my feet. Nothing new there, just one of the continuous inconveniences that come with a brain injury. I hate taking a break as every minute the temperatures climb but I do what I must. Looking at the ridge I wish to plant I ponder how to go about preparing the area. Underneath the soil now resides drip irrigation tape on the outside and the drip system for the trees on the other so I can’t till it for fear of tearing that up. I did that a few weeks ago and spent hours repairing the damage. So it’s all going to be hand work. How I miss the time I could work hard for ten or fifteen hours in a day and not miss a beat. But that’s the price of being alive and I’m blessed no matter how hard it is.

I don’t know where Ben and Gretchen have been disappearing to lately. They weren’t there in the morning yesterday or today and I haven’t seen them yet. Ben had gotten too close to a skunk a few days ago and you can still smell it on him. We pray that God keep them both safe. Our dogs are so much of a blessing to us and enrich our lives. But with that comes worrying, or at least concern.

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