Monday, May 17, 2010

Fever broke

Making a yard, in process as I till it all up.

5/17/10 Monday
Evidently my fever broke last night. It’s a shame that Cherie had just put fresh sheets on the bed as they were soaking wet by this morning. I don’t feel any better but at least know I’m on the mend. There’s plenty of work to do, as there always is. I’ve been working hard to prepare areas for Bermuda grass. We’ve lived here for five years now and it would be nice to have a lawn. Little by little we’re building a home, and a farm. I’d sown grass seed before but we had some severe rains and it washed all the seed away. What the rain didn’t wash away I think the wind blew away. I pushed through yesterday despite feeling pretty crappy. Must work hard today to finish the job. First is to finish raking the ground level and then I will sow the Bermuda seed. After that I will pull the steel roller I bought at auction in Ohio over it all to press the seed in the ground. It’s going to be warm and humid, with the possibility of thunderstorms later so the earlier I get out there the better.
Making a yard, after tilling and raking level

It looks like the Massey Ferguson tractor might be dying. When I went to use it to load dirt into the raised beds I am making it made lots of clanking noise and jerked real bad as I drove it. Not good. It was a bad purchase on my part because I didn’t have a clue about tractors and trusted the lady who sold it but I figured that at least I can use the front end loader to move the tons of dirt I need to redistribute. Oh well, just another obstacle.

I’m still sweaty and feel feverish this morning. Hope whatever this is goes away soon. Real tired and just want to go to bed but can’t let myself do that.

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